4 thoughts on “The Chicks – March March

  1. Poor things. Desperate to find their way back, remove “Dixie” from their name. I saw this comment on their page:

    “We want to meet this moment.”

    Talk about capitalizing on what’s on the front burner!! Geez, chicks is really chickens.


    1. Screeching commie c**ts.

      Put a sock or anything that rhymes with it. They’re promoting communism for capital gains.

      Sounds like something someone else is doing. Wonder whooo…..?

      We got a moment for them to meet, too!

  2. Of course. These has-beens just had to do this…and I actually met them once back before they made it in mid-90s. They bought some honey from us at a local festival (4th of July I think) before they performed that night. Chicken is right!

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