The Chilling Similarities Between the Ukrainian Genocide and the Depopulation of Venezuela

The Organic Prepper – by J.G. Martinez D.

I have never been too interested in politics – not other than major events or some regional news – until I went through a process of accelerated growth of my political conscience. This is not going to be an extremely prepper-oriented article, but I hope it will provide some guidance to identify some uncommon situations that happened in Venezuela, and add critical info to our spreadsheet, allowing you to make an informed choice. There are startling similarities between the Ukrainian genocide and the depopulation of Venezuela. 

My departure from the country was planned beforehand, about 3 months in advance. The signs were becoming more and more aggressive. Crime, authority abuse. I was afraid of even going on my motorcycle to work. Some cop asking for coffee money and me taking no manure was going to be bad. So I used my bicycle, exposing myself to an early morning assault. Now I can see it clearly – the country fully collapsed about one year and a half ago. People are living in the debris and scavenging in garbage bags for some pieces of food. Whether they are getting used to it will be still something to determine.


Then vs, now

Before the SHTF, were there students being kidnapped and tortured? Sure. Mostly those who attended meetings with the lefties, by the way. Abuse by authorities? You can bet on it.

We have never enjoyed such a thing as a real democracy, and in my early college years, our Constitutional rights were suspended (during the 1990s). This is not surprising. But there is a huge difference between then and now. Those NGs, and police, the army, they usually respected students, especially those from the larger universities. They knew that we were no threat. We just wanted to graduate, get a job and jump into the meat grinding machine. The courtesy was something that was not exaggerated, but it existed. If they asked for your papers, you gave them – no smiles exchanged, but there was some polite attitude.

But what I can see now with uniformed people…there is a lot of resentment, you can almost taste it in the air. There is a deep, bitterness…a hatred.

And it is scary.

They talk to us in slang. And a bad guy kind…something that indicates the presence of many of them from the worst barrios of the major cities. I remember 20 years ago, many of them were boys from small, rural towns, going to the camp boot looking for better opportunities. Not exactly role models, but one develops some kind of sense to perceive whether the guy you are talking to is essentially normal. Back then, they were close to my age, and their attitude was much more relaxed.

The last time I was stopped in a post, I could notice the anxiety in the soldier. The situation was not exactly tense those days (about two and a half years ago), and I was traveling with the family in the car. But they were…jumpy. Yes, that is the word. So my impression was shared with my wife, and she agreed. The force’s behavior had changed a lot from those we used to know. Police officers…well, I would prefer to change the topic. No need to explain about them. This is a simple consequence of the process I identified is being executed in Venezuela.

I have started to read some history that never interested me before.

But as I had never witnessed such level of negligence of a government, I looked for some reliable sources. I know there are many analysts who could read this, and say that it was evident and clear for them. But for me, and for many regular people who never stepped into a classroom to get some specialized, condensed, and purified information to absorb regarding this topic, it was not so evident. I spent my college time resolving algebraic equations and differential calculus. History was something for the academics, not for engineers. I grew up under a “democratic” ruling.

Let’s go now with the historical analysis and the similarities I have been seeing. One thing is to learn that the government seizes some facility, or some land, or whatever other stuff they want to get their paws on. A very different one is to witness how the entire production, including the oil and gas, the base of our economy, instead of the powerful river that once was, is a little stream getting drier by the day.

Toilet paper (we were protected against this, there is still the half remaining and it can be found now in the supermarket again), toothpaste (our stash is still half), and other basic items that were produced, are now imported. Hundreds of small factories closed, thousands of employees tossed out to the streets. Our money was sacked. The hospitals have been crowded for many years. There was some improvement in the early stages of the Uncle Hugo kingdom and I have to acknowledge this, especially for the children and elderly people being subjected to surgeries and such, but the only income source for the hospitals came from the oil. How stupid is that?

The worst thing is seeing the economy crumbling and falling apart before your eyes, and there is nothing you can do. That is a feeling that I truly hope no one experiences. It is scary, it will take your sleep away, and will make your relationships bitter if you are not careful and don´t have a plan B. The fall was so sudden, so devastating, the speed was so fast, and the suffering of the people so much, that I understand now from the distance, that there are a lot of people in shock. We grew up with normality, just like you. We did not have problems if there was no sugar. We just took a couple of coins and went to the next mom and pop´s shop. Mr. Ramón´s was the one on my street. The food never was scarce. Money was but we never lacked the basics.

This has been entirely planned.

After having noticed this, and the cruelty of the NGs with the people protesting, the military trials to civilians, I started to look for some sources. And yes, it is the same agenda. This has been entirely planned. China, perhaps. Or more likely, the Russians. This extract of a paper I found perhaps would be evident for some readers. For me, not being an expert in geopolitics, it was quite alarming. It goes as follows: “The European post-communist countries have noted a substantial fall in the population numbers for several years (…)

The reasons:

  • a significant fall in the birth rates in all those countries;
  • lack of major changes in the mortality rate (in countries with successful market reforms) or an increase in this rate (in countries with abandoned or failed market reforms); and
  • a big increase in emigration

The destruction of the small rural communities was encouraged and finally achieved in favor of the collective farms, a new figure in the economical production environment. And this following paragraph simply called too much of my attention to leave it behind:

“The remaining localities acquired the status of ‘non-prospective’ villages and were doomed to a slow and steady collapse because all investment in the countryside came down from the central budget to chosen localities”. Slow and steady collapse, go figure. This kind of regime is used to blackmail the people with the identification rights, that small piece of paper or plastic that says you are a citizen with rights. Or, well, whatever they liked to call rights in the URSS. In this settlement, the workers were not allowed to get their IDs. This kept them as a slave force as recently as 1976. Ukraine received their independence. But the “seed” was already sown: “(…)did not cause any major changes in the organization of its rural settlement. This was due to an almost total destruction of any forms of initiative and entrepreneurship of country dwellers”. (source)

And this is the part where I say “no sh*t…really?”

Fellows, this is the exact scheme. Maybe with more violence, seizing tons of white cheese at gunpoint in a road to sell it to the lazy people unable to take responsibility for their starvation but they will also take food looted from a decent honest farmer.

This was part of the entire setup of factors that ended by generating a terrible famine in Ukraine. The paper uses even the interesting expression “genocide” and specifically makes reference to the Stalinist politics of artificially induced famine, in waves. Maybe for some of you, this is already known. But I haven’t found it in a research paper with such an amount of technical data and firm references – just in some old books that seemed to me to lack precision.

This is the worst part of the process: the depopulation stage by hunger and disease.

It is being executed in my country now.

We don´t have guns to stop this. [Venezuelans lost their guns the year before things totally collapsed ~ Daisy]

Even with them, we don´t have the people with combat experience enough to fight against a Cuban/Iran-trained militia. A civil war (God forbid) would be bloody, a dog-eating-dog kind of thing, until the civilians get the rhythm. The troops are feeding poorly – almost as poorly as the rest of the population.

They have guerrilla, and the FARC/ELN to do the dirty work.

They shot down with RPGs the only serious movement that could do something meaningful.

I would love to see some of the armchair warriors criticizing us for not fighting back to be surrounded suddenly by a horde of these guys on their tiny crappy, Chinese motorcycles, but with faces that make Boko Haram look like kindergarten children, and armed to the teeth.

To organize a formal resistance would surely make some of the greenies to think twice, and instead of unchaining a civil war, they would prefer just change some of the actors to save themselves.

So we have to start to work on a counter-agenda.

The Organic Prepper

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