The Choice is to Fight or Die

Barrack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro is truly amazing.  While playing golf and sipping Mai Tais out of pineapples on the private beach we paid for him to stay at, he managed to go above and beyond in his multitasking.  A provision that was pulled from his health care plan, the end of life counseling which equates in reality to the formation of death panels, was reinserted back into the health care law.  Many have labeled this provision as an inevitable death sentence for Grandma and Grandpa but it is far more diabolical.

You see, I live in Oregon where the eugenicists practice their evil before unleashing it on the rest of the country.  We have a lot of rural areas that are under complete control of international corporate interests.  Without any legislation being in place to make their actions lawful, the hospital where I live has enacted policy wherein if you go there for something as minute as a blood test, you are forced to sign a document that gives the hospital absolute control over your treatment for one year. If you refuse to sign you are denied service.

Now, if during this one year, you are unfortunate in being in a traffic accident and you come into the hospital unconscious, using the document you signed to get a blood test hospital personnel can run your credit, do a cost risk evaluation and deny you treatment which would save your life simply because you financially are not worth the money it would take to save you.  You are in essence treated like an old car in that you are not worth the money they would have to put into you.

Also, without any law in place to give legitimacy, I personally have been denied my prescribed medications as I refused to sign a document giving absolute control over my medical decisions over to my doctor.

As I said earlier, in Oregon the poor have been reduced to lab rats.  They have fields outside of town where they grow genetically modified foods.  At the facilities sitting alongside the fields they are doing genetic research using human genes mixed with other animals like rats.  You have heard of growing a human ear on the back of a rat?  Well they do it here.

At the bottom of the hill down from the hospital there is another eugenics facility where human fluids and tissues gathered from the hospital are used for experimentation.  You see when you sign the admittance document for the blood test or any other procedure you give permission for the hospital to use any fluids or materials taken from your body in any manner they choose.

In reference to the end of life counseling, Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer sent an email to its supporters telling them in essence to keep quiet about the reinstitution of the clause.

To you 99ers out there who are just sitting around waiting for things to get better I tell you the same people who have dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made you civilly dead are preparing to make you literally dead.  I know the truth behind the intended actions to be taken using the end of life counseling clause.  I know because like every other diabolical scientific program they come up with, before you ever know about it, they have already been doing it to us here in Oregon for a couple of years without any law in place to authorize it.

Just thought maybe this might help you sideline sitting 99ers out there see why rather to fight or not is not the choice.  The choice is fight or die.


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  1. I repeat here, my reply to Mark’s previous post on the DOD budget, and I agree with Henry completely. You sideline sitting 99ers are going to be the first ones they round up. You want to know why ? Because you’ll be the easiest. Get it ? Fight it, or die.

  2. We already have fully functioning and very effective death panels….They’re Insurance Companies. As you well know, they will continue to deny your coverage the minute you get sick. Doctor: Sorry you have cancer. The treatment will cost $50000 but you will get better. Patient: Sounds good lets go with the treatment. Doctor: How you gonna pay me? Patient: Let me contact my health insurance company. Doctor: Dont bother, they dont cover you for this…How you gonna pay me? Patient: I’m broke, I’m a 99er. Doctor: Dont care, I have to buy Christmas gifts for all my friends and family…How you gonna pay me? Patient: I cant. Doctor: Have a nice day, the receptionst will show you out. Death Panel, if you dont see it you’re not very smart.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Wow! What a shocker!

      Given the vast pool of evidence pointing to the inherent “Goodness of Mankind” found in the annals of recorded history I am utterly devastated to see our divine species behaving in such an unprecedented manner. You don’t suppose this egocentric nature could contribute to the eventual extinction of humanity or anything like that do you?

      Have you ever felt absolutely ashamed to be a member of our esteemed species? I know I have and my revulsion grows by the day. This does not, however, diminish my faith that creation is good and that somehow it’s all worth it….somehow.

      Courage, my friend. Turn to friends and family for whatever spiritual substance you can find there and hang in there….somehow.

      1. I’m just pointing to the fact that “Obama Care” and the current system both provide for “Death Panels”. Pick your poison!

        1. Yeah, Bob..I know…and the Spartans left children to die or survive in the wilderness to weed out the weak and we thought we had achieved a far superior level of civilization.

          Smell the coffee.

          1. Very intrigued. At the risk of sounding dumb… Could you dumb it down for me? I am not trying to be an a-hole. I really am interested in your opinion on this very serious topic, however, I dont follow you. As a peace offering…you clearly have a very educated and eloquent style of writing.

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