The Communists are in Fear of What They have Unleashed

The alleged parents of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting victims came forth yesterday, front and center within the mainstream propaganda machine to declare what they want the rest of this nation to give up as a result of their alleged tragedy:  Universal background checks, and who could be against this?  Well, I for one can, as I understand that registration is a step in the procedure for confiscation.

Not that I believe anything in reference to Sandy Hook or that Adam Lanza killed anyone, but those guns were registered and there had been a background check.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago back alley commie premier, said that we out here in reality land were instigating an irrational fear that this soviet socialist insurgent government wants to disarm us and that all this rhetoric is designed to boost gun sales for the industry.

Hmmm.  Are you sure it wasn’t Diane Feinstein, Andrew Cuomo, and Michael Bloomberg who have made it perfectly clear that if there was no one to stop them they would have taken our firearms, yesterday?

The latest disinformation via the propaganda says no gun legislation can be passed through the Congress and only petty meaningless gun restrictions can be accomplished via executive orders.

Don’t believe it!  These communists are relentless, sneaky, and deceptive.  If you think the Congress, which is made up in a large part of those who passed the 2012 NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022, would not pass gun confiscation, well hell, they have already done it.  The fact is the 2012 NDAA is an absolute injunction on our entire Bill of Rights, as any American national can be disappeared for exercising any right.

As for the theory that the gun industry is fostering fear to increase sales, well that kind of flies in the face of the retailers refusing to sell guns and ammunition to we so called civilians and the manufacturers deliberately slowing production per the government’s request.

Of course Barry did say that we are getting all worked up over nothing and we know he wouldn’t lie, right?  Just like he said he wouldn’t sign the 2012 NDAA.  The American people are arming as quickly as we can and these communists know that every gun purchased is another one that might just be the one that blows them right out of their treasonous boots.

We must respond to this latest attempt to quiet us by buying even more guns and more ammunition and letting it be known that we are going to keep the shelves of the stores barren right up to the point that all hell breaks loose.

In ending this article I will say, “Squirm, communists, the dogs have been let off the porch.  I guess maybe you should have just left us alone when you had the chance.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

24 thoughts on “The Communists are in Fear of What They have Unleashed

  1. I think the severity of the gun laws they’ll propose will be a good gauge as how soon things are going to crash. If it’s a hardcore, all out law, well look out because the big finale is near.

    1. Eomer:
      Excellent point! Even if it is not downright draconian right out of the chute, we all need to make sure that we remain hyper-vigilant, because they might not quite be 100% ready and are simply buying themselves another month or two, or still planning the ultimate false flag. It would not surprise me one bit if the next false flag event is somehow connected to the upcoming Super Bowl, almost exactly as Matt Bracken laid out many years ago in his book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic”.

      Pay Attention.



      Alan S. Pedersen
      Fort Mill, SC

      1. My father always told me years ago (and I still believe this even to this day and tell everyone who is pumped up about the ridiculous Superbowl), that if terrorists were truly smart, they would bomb us during the Superbowl because almost EVERY person in America would be glued to the TV like a bunch of zombies and wouldn’t even be paying any attention or wanting to do anything about it.

        Just think about it. Every time the Superbowl is on, the whole country is like a ghost town on the streets. Literally.

        Like the boy says to John McClane in the movie, Die Hard with a Vengence,

        “It’s Christmas. You could steal City Hall.” or blow it up if you’re a terrorist wanting to make a statement.

    2. Given the ammount of ammo the DHS has recently purchased(for domestic consumption), I see an old fashion arms race devloping.

    3. Incremental Persuasion. This has always been their plan. Slow, methodical dismantling of our Constitution. They’re in no hurry.

      No SWAT teams coming to your door, this year (to get your guns).

      They’re just testing the waters, getting some feedback. We’re light years from the Finale. (If there’s ever going to be a “Finale” to this unConstitutional clusterf#@k.)

      1. Not when that dollar is about to collapse any day now and the whole global economy crashes. I think their stalling days are over. They need to act now and that’s why they are breaking out the gun controls in a hurry.

  2. Was it P.T. Barnum who said “the people want to be fooled”? Maybe not, but regardless of who said it, it rings truer than a bell. Can anybody tell me when Barry the pole-smoking Rat ever told the truth about anything?

    I’m amazed at people’s propensity to believe whatever they’re told, even when it’s coming from someone who does nothing but lie to them. They really enjoy being deceived. They must derive some kind of entertainment from it, and it’s frustrating as hell for anyone who peddles truth.

    “Thanks for telling me what’s going on in the world, but I’d rather believe the lies because they’re nicer. Tell me more about the Easter Bunny, too.”

    Stupid bastards.

  3. But Henry’s right. They’re scared and cornered, but those facts make them dangerous.
    I don’t think they have any choice but to confiscate the weapons. Too many people know the truth now, so if they don’t render us powerless somehow, they’ll either wind up in jail, or be forced to flee the country. If the gun confiscation doesn’t go their way, they’ll just flee the country anyway, so they really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by confiscating all guns. Remember: the people behind the gun confiscation decision don’t do any of the actual fighting, so that’s the SAFEST route for them to take.

  4. Who cares what they pass? Why is everyone so afraid of words? Why is everyone so frightened that the treasonous bastards in DC will do what they intend to do? In the end our fears and our concerns and our protests don’t mean a damn thing.. Stop screaming, stop being angry, stop crying for salvation. Start getting busy, start target practicing, start practicing local trrop movements, join a militia, join a community security pact. Anger will only postone you from doing what is necessary, prepare for war. Supply lines must be set up, protocols must be in place, know who in your community you can trust and who will break and give in to the enemy, establish operational security. If the traitors in DC and their agents mean to wage war agaist us, they will do so. Be prepared, not shocked, surprised and angry.

  5. I have always said – There is no better freind than a good hard fully trained dog and a good gun. That dog pictured reminds me of my rottweiller freind that died protecting my place while I was at work.

  6. These communists have only people like this supporting them, they don’t have the military or cops backing them up. You think these people are going to stare us down?:

    1. I don’t know. Those two are pretty scary to me. I think I’d rather face Obama or Janet Napolitano or even Hitlery Clinton. lol

  7. I swore an Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There is a guy at work who supports our current administration, and stands speechless when I say our “President” is treasonous and should be impeached if he uses an executive order for gun control. I ask for an argument or discussion, but I get nothing but a blank, frustrated stare. My co-worker now knows he has nothing.

    I was a Boy Scout, and learned to Be Prepared.
    I was a Soldier, and was Trained for combat.
    I have Honor, Courage, and Integrity.
    I am a descendent of the proud Scottish Campell Clan.
    I will not run, I will not hide.
    I am fed up, and I am not alone.

    US Army 11B/38A Honorably Discharged

    1. I may not have been the infantry MOS, I still believe everybody is a rifleman before all else.

      I may have been commo but I was nothing more than a glorified dismounted RTO. (25U but I was organic to line units my whole time in the army)

      The Infatryman’s creed applies to all who pick up a rifle

      I am the Infantry
      I am my country’s strength in war,
      her deterrant in peace.
      I am the heart of the fight
      whereever, whenever.
      I carry America’s faith and honor
      against her enemies.
      I am the Queen of Battle.
      I am what my country expects me to be,
      the best trained soldier in the world
      in the race for victory.
      I am swift, determined, and courageous,
      armed with a fierce will to win.
      Never will I fail my country’s trust.
      Always will I fight on
      through the foe, to the objective, to triumph over all.
      If neccessary I will fight to my death.
      By my steadfast courage I have won 200 years of freedom.
      I yeild not to weakness, to hunger, to cowardice, to fatigue, to superiour odds.
      For I am mentally tough, physically strong, and morally straight.
      I forsake not my country, my mission, my comrades, my sacred duty.
      I am relentless
      I am always there, now and forever
      I am the Infantry
      Follow me!

      Just as the warrior ethos

      I will always place the mission first
      I will never accept defeat
      I will never quit
      I will never leave a fallen comrade

      Hooah Brother

      (I did the above warrior ethos in the wrong order and had to edit to make it right, been a little while)

  8. EA, while I agree that incrementalism has been their strategy for a long time now, I dont agree that they’re just testing the waters. The petro dollar and the banking system is unsustainable and is near its end. They dont have light years to keep their scam going.

  9. I’d be buying more ammo if I could find any anywhere.

    Hey Henry, where did you get a photo of my sweet little girl who sleeps next to me every night?

  10. That video makes me sick. Glad I watched it AFTER I ate. I wish I could could ask those people “what are your thoughts on freedom?”. This is a country founded on the principles of freedom and we haven’t even been able to enjoy feeedom or truly experience it since the criminal takeover and infiltration. So what do they do? Protest for more f#@king control. Why don’t they just ask for shackles and chains? They went after some of the right people but they did it all wrong. When the libertarians showed up with their guns, they literally shit and pissed all over their tent. Half of OWS protesters are just agents there to sway and mislead the crowd. A lost cause.

    1. The tea party


      Ron Paul

      The upcoming legislative “battle” over our weapons

      All of them release valves for the rage that is building up.

      We have reached critical mass as evidenced by the sandy hook “debunking”. They have run out of distractions and HARD economic reality is going to hit every one in the face whether they want it to or not, with the German gold repatriation looming.

      Once the metals decouple from the dollar the economic illusion will finally be over. There are 2 determined minorities vying for power in this country now, and history will be written by the victor.

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