The Constitution has been abrogated since 1861

Tom Mick

After spending the last 9 years literally immersed in the slime of politics and corruption, I am sick to my very soul. It isn’t the corrupt bastards that cause my infirmity, but the continued ignore-ance of the people who should be putting a stop to it! As a writer, I have been TRYING to get people to use their brain and THINK about the things they’re told to believe in… in all aspects of life, not just politics, but most are too comfortable in lies and unwilling to embrace and adjust to truth.

Consequently, we’re on the verge of a cataclysmic series of events that will transform the world as we know it, for good or ill. Despite the growing awareness of people throughout the world, many Americans are still adamantly defending what has not even existed in reality since 1861… the Constitution.

How can anyone hope to revived a compact that was abrogated so long ago, expecting the illusory counterfeit to dissolve itself and obey a system brushed aside so easily over a century and a half ago? Despite the best intentions of people trying to resurrect it, it is not Jesus, and will NEVER be complied with or obeyed by those wiping their collective asses with it. Even the push for a convention is a joke, theater to create the illusion that whatever comes out of it, most likely a different constitution, must be obeyed by YOU.

Anyone who truly understands what a constitution is and does, will readily understand that the present one people BELIEVE is in force, doesn’t require you to do anything… it defines the powers and limitations of the government and those UNDER it, not the people. Since no one, since 1861, has seen fit to actually enforce the law restricting government, State and Federal, we no longer have constitutions worth the paper they’re written on… except perhaps toilet paper stock, since that is what those limited by it use it for.

I love and worship the Creator of all things, not the fictional creations of man, which includes government. Once I discovered the fraud and deception of certain B.A.R. members during the founding era, I realized that there was never really any intention of holding government to the limitations of the Constitution… hence the lack of teeth for violations of it.

Call me a traitor or whatever you want, I could care less. My Creator honors the truth and natural law… something people today have great trouble coming to know and understand. In today’s world, tradition and precedence trumps truth every time.

Tom Mick

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