The Crackdown

Many people have used the slowly-boiled frog analogy to describe the incremental destruction of our freedom, so I though it might be interesting to recall a time when the water wasn’t so hot.

We were freedom loving individuals. We did what we wanted to, said what we wanted to, and no government employee dared to trample our rights. There was a universal understanding that this country belonged to the people who inhabited it, and we cherished what we had. You were proud to be an American. People were happier, wealthier, and didn’t have to work nearly as hard to earn a comfortable living. Americans valued their honor, defended their reputation, and total strangers could usually be trusted to do the right thing. The music was better, the art was better, and I’ll even swear that the skies were bluer. In short; life was good, and we were happy. 

In the early eighties, a massive, coordinated effort emerged to change our nation and culture forever, and there’s been an endless attack on our freedom ever since, which will soon culminate in America’s complete descent into the tyranny of communism, unless the American people just stand up, and put a stop to it.

I heard Henry describe it happening in Oregon. Cindy told me how it happened in Ohio, and I remember it happening in New York. If you’re in your fifties, you probably remember it happening too, but in all likelihood you assumed it was a local phenomenon, when it was actually happening across the country. If you knew it was happening across the country you’d be disturbed by the knowledge, but as a local event, it may have seemed beneficial.

The event of which I speak was a “crackdown” of sorts, and it focused on public gathering places. Every city, town or community in America had at least one outdoor, public space where its people, and generally its young adults, would gather to hang out, socialize, and feel out their place in their community. It may have been a town square, a street corner, someone’s porch, or a public park, but you knew that at certain times of the day there was a high probability of other people that you knew being there, so you might stop by too. Local news and gossip was exchanged, new jokes were spread, parties were thrown, and you enjoyed the company of other good people who shared your morals and values. It’s where neighbors shared thoughts and ideas that were later spread to those who didn’t get out as much. These free, open, and joyous outdoor gatherings were the strongest physical connections of our communities, and they were attacked in the early eighties.

It was usually done in the name of “improving the area” (or neighborhood) ,”preventing crime”, protecting the “quality of life”, or to promote an increase in property values, but whatever the excuse, it always resulted in the arrests, harassment, and frequent fines being issued for petty ordinance violations against people who gathered in public places. This discouraged people from congregating outdoors, and forced many Americans into their homes, where the television set dominated the discourse.

At about the same time, Americans were told that drunk drivers were public enemy number one. That propaganda effort resulted in police milking the DUI cash cow by staking out bars across the country for anyone who dared drive home with more than two beers in their belly. This disabled another venue where Americans gathered to possibly discuss politics. (all revolutions begin in bars)

Labor union corruption, which was mostly ignored since the unions were formed, now provided an entry door for a government whose real goal was to destroy, disrupt, or infiltrate all places where Americans congregated, and yes, even the churches fell victim to this assault too. Either we edit the sermon, of you’ll be taxed.

If they could not lawfully harass people in some public places, those places we made uncomfortable by an increased police presence. Either way, we were slowly persuaded to stay in our homes unless going to or from another privately-owned venue were we could be watched. This cut the tribal ties that bound us together as Americans, and it all but eliminated any meaningful communication between us. Most Americans’ “communities” now consisted of their co-habitants, and the characters of whatever shows they watched on the idiot box. This is when the frog-boiling process began, at least as I remember it, but I’m sure that some folks who are older than I am can trace it back further. I remember it as the time when Americans were physically divided, and left with few choices for their free time other than the consumption of TV brainwashing.

Ronald Reagan was the President, we all had to register for the draft, military camouflage came into fashion, and the TV programming changed. Anything with an anti-war message (M*A*S*H) was cancelled, and replaced with glorification of the Vietnam war in shows like “Tour of Duty” and “China Beach”. The Pentagon wouldn’t supply Coppola with helicopters for “Apocalypse Now”, but they were all too happy to support military recruitment movies like “Private Benjamin” and “Stripes”. All media outlets promoted the new militarism because that “peace and love” thing just isn’t profitable.

There was a whole new attitude among Americans because they sucked up the propaganda like a sponge, and many welcomed the changes because they were tired of the liberal excesses of the 1960s and 70s. All of a sudden, no one had long hair anymore.

Tucked into a corner of my living room was something I insisted was a sculpture. My work of modern art consisted of three smashed television sets in a pile, and I named it “Death of a Sit-Com”. This work of art was created in the early eighties, and I haven’t allowed a television in my home ever since. At the time, the TV programming changed drastically, abandoning the original arrangement of “watch our commercials and we’ll make you laugh”, in favor of focusing on an obvious agenda of social control and behavioral conditioning. I found this offensive, immoral, subversive, and even cruel when you consider how many people are sucking up this brainwashing like a sponge, and the possible ramifications of this upon society as a whole. It’s also when I found out that TV sets don’t really explode when you put a hammer through the screen. That’s another thing that only happens on TV.

Americans were taught to adore bigger and bigger television sets that propagandized into them a political prejudice which allows them to ignore the voices and opinions of almost everyone around them by classifying those voices into one TV-defined group or another. A media-brainwashed American’s new persona displays a certain ignorant arrogance that allows idiots to believe that they already know everything they need to know, and are potentially too important to listen to any clap-trap coming from that type of person, or that type of person, both of whom they associate with a TV or movie character from their memory. Real human interaction is rare, and most people are socially inept, because kids no longer grow up playing within a gang of kids.

If you were born in the eighties or later, you’re too young to understand what’s been taken from us in such a short period of time, because you were raised under the rise of fascism, and can’t imagine the freedom we enjoyed. What you see as normalcy, my generation sees as tyranny, because we worshiped the Bill of Rights, and cherished our freedom. Our lives weren’t centered around staring into one screen or another. We were outside, in the real world, in constant interaction with real people, and the thought of some dweeb like Zuckerberg deciding what we could and couldn’t discuss with our friends would have been laughable, if imaginable. I don’t discuss the adventures of my youth with younger people, because firstly, they probably wouldn’t believe me, but more importantly, much of what we commonly did back then would have them in jail if the behavior were repeated today.

The slow boil process continued with the “war on drugs”, which left several scars on America’s freedom, chief among them is that police no longer politely knock on your door when they have a search warrant, but instead the door is rammed off its hinges in the middle of the night after a flash-bang grenade, a military force terrorizes all inhabitants, and kills the family dog. Also unimaginable for most of my life.

Before the crackdown it was perfectly acceptable to argue with a cop, and you wouldn’t have to worry about being beaten or shot for doing so. If you knew what you were talking about, the argument would end with the cop walking away silently, because cops played a completely different role in our society back then. A cop was more of an armed social worker than enforcer, and they were prohibited from firing their guns unless fired upon first. Today they’re hiring lunatics and idiots for the job who have absolutely no respect for your rights, because their new function centers around beating the population into submission.

To maintain the illusion that they’re serving society, you hear about “drug busts” on the TV news. Drug dealers are arrested because there’s a lot of money to be stolen, but in most American cities, the police control the drug trade by protecting a favored dealer in exchange for cash and information, and arresting (robbing) his competition.

After 9-11, the heat was turned up in a big way, and you probably know the rest of the story. The “9-11 Truth Movement” formed on the internet, but after meeting my comrades in person, I marveled at the fact that they were the only people I’ve met in my life that also didn’t watch TV. It took more than fifteen years after smashing my tube to finally meet other people who didn’t watch the thing, and now there were a bunch of them in one place. They were also the only people I knew who weren’t fooled by the 9-11 hoax, and also knew the importance of getting the truth out. It’s not a coincidence. A mind is freed whenever a screen is smashed.     — Jolly Roger

16 thoughts on “The Crackdown

  1. “TRESSPASING” was the tool they used, they expanded it. Everybody was forced “INSIDE” so to speak. interesting article JR, no more tag football on the streets under the street lamps.

    1. You played football at night? We used to bust open the box at the base of the streetlamps. In there is an old-style fuse that has a standard light bulb thread. We used to pull out the fuse, and screw in an outlet that has the same thread. (they sell ’em at the hardware store — don’t know what they’re called). Anyway… the street light would be out all night, but we could plug in a stereo for parties. Good times back then.

  2. Thanks, JR. Some good memories, though I know we’ve been under the thumb from the beginning.

    They threw crumbs in the 50’s, and kept throwin’ through the 90’s, getting us way too comfortable, and then POW!! Factories disappear, borders get compromised, poverty soars, universities turn Marxist, perversion is mainstreamed, and now a big portion of society is morphed into some version of snowflake, and VOILA!!: Weakness and Dependence!!!

    As for tv… I think it’s a fantastic tool to study the enemy. They give themselves away, display their weaknesses, reveal their plans. Helps one prepare for the fight. Good thing those with a spine greatly outnumber the snowflakes. Communism is going down, taking with it all its mutated offspring.


    1. Great additions to the article Galen, and a nice read too… there is a ton more stuff JR could add as I’m sure he is aware, there isn’t enough virtual memory to handle that… lol

      All in all good job.

      I have been watching some YT vids out of UK of gym owners trying to resist being shut down, granted I give them kudos for doing what they can.

      However, when I see these Gov Agency types and then the Armed Muscle (the cops) right there as the threat, I can’t help but see the exact historical parallels of the third reich and Stasi systems that came after.

      Regardless of the big Jew lie thing, we are definitely standing at the box cars so to speak.

      If anyone remembers the sausage king out of Hayward California in the 90’s he wasted a bunch of USDA inspectors who were basically sent there to shut him down to make way for bigger, better business, his family had a successful 75yrs plus meat biz with never a single case of anything against them.

      Long story short he got tired of what he knew was total tyranny with the same types of Gov agents showing up to fk with him and make mandates.

      He saw what this actually was from the bigger picture and put at least 4 of these simpleton enforcers with white coats and badges in the fkn ground where they belong.

      This is where we all are at…. !


  3. Great post, Jolly! But I will say that, having married in early 80s to a rural beekeeper in remote far west Texas who had no fact we didn’t have TV until late 90s at the earliest (we had two kids by then, satellite TV, but the kids grew up in the late 80s-90s-early 2000s and mostly they played outside with whoever other kids were around, or just the two of them), which might explain (besides the home schooling) why my two kids don’t buy into a lot of the crap propaganda these days. Plus they limit their young children’s TV time to maybe an hour a day, and limit their use of electronic gadgets). However we knew since the 90s (Ruby Ridge, Waco, Okie City, Republic of Texas standoff, etc.) what was headed in the way, new world order crapola.

    Another thing I agree with is the slow destruction of rock music which began with the milquetoast mid-70s and that freakin’ disco! Then new wave-punk-grunge-death metal etc. which with few exceptions were meaningless songs…and now god-awful rap and hip-hop (because rock was too white, no?) and rock that sounds like meh…. And then there was the destruction of the anti-war movement…. And God forbid American Christians should support Palestinian Christians…. yada yada yada….

    And this year crackdowns on public gatherings finally happened…for the first time since the start of Fort Davis 4th of July many years ago, it did not happen, no spring fling or fall fling (where I could sell my books), no New Years Party at the neighbors….covid doncha know…right…… So yeah, even out in rural remote far west Texas this garbage is happening! (But at least we don’t have to wear masks….Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

  4. One of Dr. E. Michael Jones cheapest books, although still large, is slaughter of cities, urban renewal as ethnic cleansing

  5. I grew up rural east coast 80s-90s.
    It was much different then.
    A year out of high school they put in metal detectors and drug tested athletes. The town of 5k did.
    In high school we had an ar and an ak in the gun rack in a deuce and a half that didn’t lock nor require keys to start.
    At 17 I was more free than I’ve ever been as an adult.

  6. Too true, after knowing of the Yale killing and nothing really happened, to the system. We were headed down a very long road without speed limits.

  7. Boy doesn’t that make you reflect back. I was born in the late 50’s, grew up in the 60’s. Back then if one got pulled over for DUI, as long as no crime was committed or you didn’t run some poor smuck over, you’d get a ride home. By the time I was 5 or 6, I went anywhere I wanted, “just had to be home for dinner” and inside when the porch light was turned on. Generally watching a TV program was a family thing. But who cared about a TV we had plenty to do just being kids. Joined the military during the Vietnam ara and thankfully never seen theater of combat, but Reagan came into office during my tour of duty and I did participate in the Iran Iraq mess from the bottom of an aircraft carrier. The 80’s were 2 fold for me, 1. I was discharged from the military w/ a sever knee injury, and now I became basically discarded by the government / the VA. and now my struggle began. “kicked to the curb as you will.” But even with this it became an amazing time for me. Within 3 years I was one of those that made up the 80’s hard rock and metal metal scene, touring and studying art/music and theater based subjects, got a scholarship that took me to HollyWeird to study music. Worked as a set builder in film, and seen the beast for myself as the gay movement not only came out of the closet but was being promoted with the likes of Rock Hudson and Liberachi as their front boys.And then there was the ritual murder / satanic sacrifice of a band mate left gutted right on Hollywood blvd. 2 blocks from Hollywood PD. We’d see runaways disappear to God know where and even found out that a guy who lived 2 doors down from an office I rented to live in was busted for producing snuff flixs. If there was a place Satan and his Jew call home, it would be there.For me up until this time I would have to say that the heating of the water was slow and gradual. But that all changed with the Rodney King beating and the riots that followed (I was still in LA) and effected, the OJ trial and then 911 the pace for me was picking up. I remember what I was doing during 911. Consumed now with a family and an Antique business I hadn’t even seen the footage of the towers coming down but do remember having Israeli art students coming to my shop and leaving what I would call factory art on consignment but never returning. Prior all you would hear is how Bill Clinton had saved the economy and we allegedly had reserves. All I know is, you’d never know it from where I sat, business was getting tougher and tougher. Little “Boy George” Bush coming into office I began thinking of shutting my business down and by 2002 I did just that. The next year I took a great motorcycle trip across the country with a group of friends in and out of Canada many time and was planning to ride directly to Alaska but by 2005 they had shut our borders and now requiring a visa. You all know the rest
    Thanks for bringing up all that shit JR .. ha ha ha

  8. Balls on accurate.
    The only thing I would add, though you covered the war on drugs, is that this crackdown came as a blitzkrieg in direct coalition with the emergence of the government flooding the country, first with crystal meth, then with crank, which turned otherwise decent people into human dog shit.
    We didn’t see it coming, nor did we understand that it was a part of a larger plan. When the crackdown came that shut down cruising main street on Friday and Saturday night, it was done in the name of cracking down on the crank that the corporation had flooded the streets with, which made the crackdown acceptable to the people having to deal with the psychotic crank heads.
    These low down sons of bitches deliberately poisoned an entire generation that consisted mostly of those who would have the balls and decency to shut them down. Now that problem can be separated as we know it for what it is and the decent folk can shoot these bastards out of this country and send their f-king crank with them.

    1. Yeah they murdered JFK Bobby Martin Luther King anybody who got in their f****** way. Used Mafia to do it. Even the mafia hitter was hopped up on crank.

      You painted that picture like a Picasso, nice

  9. Great article. Makes me think of the open container law they enforce all the time. Can’t have liquor drinks or open beer containers on streets, parks, or beaches where people hangout.

  10. Also makes me think of all the DUI propaganda. In the 90’s and early 2000’s they were constantly all day running that shit. To brain wash the masses into believing they were in serious danger unless they agreed to warrantless illegal stop and searches.

  11. Nice post, Jolly Roger. Born in early 50’s. Best time of my life was through high school. After that it has gone from 1 step forward, 2 steps back to basically 1 step forward to 10 steps back. The gov’t has pretty much taken anything I gained and I am ready to take it back!!!

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