The Creator’s Law to be Judged by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will be taking up arguments for and against same sex marriage, once again, sticking its nose anywhere and everywhere but where it belongs.  Marriage is a religious institution, a covenant between a man, a woman, and their Creator.  Marriage is the foundation upon which the family is built and as it is the clearly stated goal of the communists to destroy that institution, it will of course be the duty of the socialist Supreme Court to facilitate.

The 1st Article of our Bill of Rights guarantees our freedom of worship and had our churches stayed pure in doing the works of the Lord, they would still be free.  It was greedy individuals within the power structure of the churches that decided to begin engaging in the pursuit of mammon through enterprise.  It was an easy next step for these false profits to accept communist infiltration via the incentive for personal profit, moving the churches into the 501(c)3 corporate realm and making the congregations not but non-voting share holders in their enterprise.  

We Americans have failed to enforce our Bill of Rights to the point that government is now proclaiming the authority to regulate those rights.  The same is true of our Holy Scriptures.  The government had no authority to define the Creator’s Law, so they created the authority and the churches are now obligated to accept the government’s dictates as a part of their contractual obligations.

Homosexuality is unnatural and perverse within Christianity as its absolute exercise would cause the demise of mankind, wherein the rejection thereof perpetuates us into the future as the creator commanded.

Only we as individuals can stop the infringements upon our Bill of Rights and only we as individuals can thwart this attack upon our moral structure.  Just as we are rejecting the insurgents who are trying to tear down our system of individual governess with freedom and liberty, we must reject these false prophets within the church to preserve our morality through the adherence to the Words of the Lord.

In short, we do not need the institution of the church any more than we need a government to live a moral life.

God help us to recognize the truth tangled within the lies.

8 thoughts on “The Creator’s Law to be Judged by the Supreme Court

  1. This is one article I am just going to have to disagree with, at least in part. I don’t recall any legislation being put forth that would force any church to marry gay couples.

    “Homosexuality is unnatural and perverse within Christianity as its absolute exercise would cause the demise of mankind, wherein the rejection thereof perpetuates us into the future as the creator commanded.”

    Really? Really?!? Where do you come up with this stuff? This sounds more like a sermon from a southern Baptist church than an article based on fact. The reality is, Christians, regardless of denomination, etc., cannot force religious views on any citizen of this country any more than radical followers of Islam, Hindu, etc. could.

    “Having a religion is like having a penis. If you have one, be proud of it all you want – and the bigger the better. But don’t whip it out in public and show it around. And don’t shove it down someone’s throat cause it might get bitten off.”

    1. All people have the right to think and do as they please in the privacy of their own homes, as long as they are not harming anyone else, but it is the queers who have brought their twisted beliefs out into the streets to shove in our faces. It is they who want to force their beliefs on our children in the schools by forcing their learned behavior. They are 1% of the population and they better crawl back in their f#@king holes and stay there or get on the other side of the fence and prepare themselves to die with the rest of the communist scum.

      1. wow — were we writing almost the same thing at almost the same time?

        I happen to be a believer in telepathy, so this is a bit scary.

      2. I agree with you there! That kind of stuff has no business in our schools. Gay people who also demand more rights than anyone else are also out of their mind. They should be thankful that the Constitution allows them to live the way they do without persecution.

  2. This same-sex marriage issue is usually raised to distract the population from something more sinister, and the Supreme Court has lost all respect and credibility anyway. It’s a perfect distraction because sex sells, and deviant sex sells more.

    The only people who really care if they get married or not are insurance companies that would have to cover a lot more “spouses” under existing policies, and since it would cost the insurance companies many millions, I’m all for it. If they want to get married, let ’em get married. Maybe that will keep ’em off the streets.

    I don’t fault homosexuals for their abnormalities any more than I blame the mentally retarded for not grasping trigonometry, but NO ONE should be parading their sexual activities out in public. There always has been and always will be homosexuals, and they can be as proud of it as they want to be, but not in my face. Please show that you have the slightest degree of good taste and decency by keeping your sex life in your bedroom, like everyone else does.

  3. One would think that the French would be all in favor of this crap. But did anyone else notice the protests?
    “Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris on Sunday decrying the French president’s plan to legalize same-sex marriage and adoptions”~CNN
    It looks as if the French people are more disturbed about this than Americans. I am amazed that the French, with their “Gaelic laziness and Latinate voluptuousness” wold oppose anything of a sexual nature.

  4. If any country were to hold a referendum on gay marriage, I doubt this cause would receive a winning vote.
    The feminization of men is another tool in the arsenal of controlling class.

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