The Devil Of Little St. James: The True Jeffrey Epstein Story

Published on Nov 25, 2017

Jeffrey Edward Epstein is a billionaire American financier and registered Level 3 sex offender. The Palm Beach Police Department investigated the cases of over 30 underage females who had been sexually abused and/or commercially exploited by Epstein for the purposes of sex trafficking. To this day Epstein has only been convicted of a single state charge of solicitation of prostitution.

The purpose of this film is not only to shed some light on the highly enigmatic character that is Jeffrey Epstein, but also his victims, particularly Virginia Roberts. Ultimately I would like to demonstrate that the Non-Prosecution Agreement which has protected Epstein and his co-conspirators for all these years is void and he should indeed be faced with federal charges of human trafficking.

There is no Federal Statute of Limitations for crimes involving human trafficking in addition to his criminal activities *after* his arrest.

4 thoughts on “The Devil Of Little St. James: The True Jeffrey Epstein Story

  1. Epstein is truly a scum bag, sexual deviant, a true friend of what’s wrong with America. Special place in hell for this SOB and his secret gang of deviants he hangs around with. God only knows how many women he has raped around the world, or how many kids lives he has ruined. This piece of shit operates outside of American jurisdiction, relying of “Jew isdiction”. Bill Clinton is joined at the hip with this scum bag.

  2. Question–how in the blue blazes did a man born in 1953, meaning he likely would have graduated HS in either 1970 or 1971, begin teaching CALCULUS in a college a year later? WITH NO HS graduation in NY State, which requires certain number of REGENTS EXAMS passed, including at least two year of math (Algebra and Geometry)….since I graduated from a New York State HS with a regents diploma in 1970 and born in 1952, just how the hell did Epstein accomplish this? Even a psychopath would have trouble doing this! Folks, this guy is likely beyond psychopath!

  3. According to, there was a fire on the island in April (pic provided) and then there was evidence of the temple being dismantled in August (pic provided).

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