6 thoughts on “The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Television, the Drug of the Nation

    1. The one problem I see is at the 1:32 mark he says
      “T.V. is the reason why less than 10% of our nation read books”
      “Most people think”
      “Central America meets Kansas”
      “Socialism means unAmerican”

      Being one of the sjw of the past as a rapper that he is of course there is within him to promote socialism due to the social injustice within his own community, but What is the community that he grew up in?
      “He was adopted by Carole Wisti and Charles Franti, a Finnish American couple in Oakland,” Born April 21, 1966

      What has he done to improve the people within his own community is the question to ask since he clearly is promoting socialism under the vial that it is television promoting the idea that socialism is unamerican. So being a socialist is being American?

      If that’s the case what part of the profits from this album went directly to the community rather than your bank account.

      Follow the money. Or understand his finland socialist roots via his adoptive parents one who was an educator in the state of california.
      If that does not throw up red flags just based on the time associated with said educating I don’t know what does.

      “For biostatistics doctoral studies Charlie moved to the University of California, Berkeley and was awarded a Ph.D. in 1967. The same year he joined the faculty at University of California, Davis (UCD) in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. Davis became the permanent home for Charlie and Carole, and their five children.”

      And then we have his own words via wiki,
      You all are going to love this part.

      ” From his trip to the Middle East, Franti argued that it was poverty more than religion that created tensions in the Gaza region. “The poverty was so severe,” says Franti. “This really helped me to understand the frustration the Palestinian youth have. Ultimately, my belief is that it is poverty more than religion that creates tensions and frustrations. If you are struggling to feed your family, living on less than US$2 (Dh7.34) a day, as most Gaza residents are, and can see that past the checkpoint in Israel people live like in Los Angeles, then that really is going to cause mounting tensions.”[27]”


  1. Mark, thanks for taking time to point these important flaws out. A good reminder that when listening to things it’s very critical to listen to every word other wise subtle messages such as in this vid. get past the listener, especially those that are not an advocate for socialism.

    1. Katie,

      As you can see it set me off on trying to see what was behind the curtain. 😉
      It is not that I dislike artist or music(quite the opposite) its the concerns I have regarding the subliminal messaging being used by these artist and music.

      The message is still sort of good but as you said we must always be vigilant to what their true message might be and where its coming from.


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