The Duchess Kate Bares All

So what is important in the world of the US nationals today?  Well the paparazzi apparently took some pictures of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, at a chateau in France, owned by relatives of the royal family, where her and Prince William were wallowing in luxuries, apparently she without her clothes on.  These pictures, taken from a half of a mile away with a telescopic lens, are set to be published in a 50 photo spread.  Prince William is demanding that the peasant who took these pictures be arrested and put in a dungeon.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is stationed at the NATO base, Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan, which fell under attack Friday night by Taliban forces who have vowed to kill the Prince.  Cries could be heard throughout the compound at the onslaught of the attack, “Protect the Prince. Protect the Prince.” and two US Marines died doing so.

More and more every day the supposed supremacy of the British Royal family is being pushed into our faces here in the United States in the propaganda effort to establish a royal chain of importance from the Queen of England right down to her knights and esquires here in her colony, the United States.

You see the royal family has never actually acquiesced to the idea of the United States being a separate and sovereign country.   In truth the royals have maintained their power here from 1776 to date as a part of the armistice that ended the 2nd Revolutionary War of 1812.

Traitors in our government signed an agreement that said the crown, hence the royal family, would maintain all their business interests here in our country.  And what really ever was the crown’s interest in our country if not business?  They have since planted their Zionist cohorts in our government to assure absolute adherence to royal decree.

When our upcoming Revolution goes hot and we are forced to destroy the international socialist insurgency ruled at the top by the crowned heads of Europe, we must not cease until every royal is put on their knees, stripped of all wealth, and made to pay for the endless years of deprivation that has been heaped upon those they consider to be their subjects around the world.

As for William and Kate, here is a message for you from one of your American peasants.  Billy, you are a parasite sucking your subsistence from the producers you call your subjects and your old lady’s just another commoner ho, spreading her legs for a buck.  You are going to realize the contempt you are held in when we the American nationals finish what our founding fathers started in 1776 and this will include an invasion of England and an end to the idea of royalty once and for all.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail

13 thoughts on “The Duchess Kate Bares All

    1. Now I`m kinda mad, and so should prince willy boy – ya see – duchess Kate is a dead ringer of my ex, my ex was known to do things like that, HAHAHAHAHA LOL. Kate was just trying to show off for the camera I bet.

    2. Alright….I took the bait…..must say she needs a booty pop & a boob job. Prince Willy Wanker has no worry about a peasant uprising to usurp his throne.

  1. Just think of what they would say if they had one of them drones flying outside of their castle taking pictures of them like they are planning here in America. I guess that the queen is out of the spot light now with the dutchesses picture out there LOL hahaha. Also the damn prince should stay the hell away from our military basses when he knows that they are going to kll him and blow up any thing and any one protecting him. Those PTB brits and others like them are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled social exebitioners and I think the dutchess and her prince boy love every bit of the publicity. Remember all of the photo`s that were taken of the boy Prince William a week or so ago in his birthday suit? Dosen`t seem like they had much bad to say about that and his wild orgy parties, LOL. I was waiting for somebody to jump on this story, Henry. I was going to but I don`t know how. #1 told me how to but his way doesn`t work on my pc.

  2. Fluff & stuff to entertain the mindless masses and keep them distracted from their imminent doom (and slavery in some cases)

    1. Total agreement here. Neked pics of empresses & emperors are a dime a dozen, just like pics of Brittney Spears’ crotch. It was always said that these elitists had no clothes while the masses eat cake. It is absurd that a Royal Boobie shot would have an impact on the people’s impoverishment & rapid demise.

  3. HAHAAHA!! Henry, I had just checked out Yahoo before coming here since it is my home page because that is where I have my email. I noticed that cover story of William and Kate and just thought to myself, “NO ONE CARES!!! Yahoo has really become the National Enquirer of news these days. Nothing but mindless trash.” I was thinking, “Has the MSM really got nothing important to dish out on the news that they have to show this ridiculous excuse for a story and make it like it is so important?” Then you post it by mocking it out on here. So awesome! Great minds think alike.

    As far as Harry goes, the two U.S. marines died in vain. If little Harry doesn’t know how to protect himself in battle, he shouldn’t be called a Prince, let alone a soldier. Him showing his face on the battlefield is nothing more than a distraction and a sideshow for those who are fighting for their lives for a cause no one cares about but the elite.

    Like I tell everyone, England is the head mastermind of the snake and the U.S. is the body of the snake with Israel and their Zionist Jews as the false spiritual religious force driving them for world conquest. We must take away its spirit, while striking the head and the body of the snake. If we only strike the body, the head will bite back. If we only strike the head, the body will strike back. If we only strike the spirit, the head and the body will only grow angrier. They must be struck simultaneously, otherwise, they will grow back again. As I always say, “A warrior who only knows one side, leaves himself open for destruction.” Death to the NWO and their Satanic ideas of world conquest!!!

  4. “Protect the Prince. Protect the Prince.” and two US Marines died doing so.

    That asshole is only there because it will help his political career, and his presence is making a target out of real fighting men. I would have thrown the prince into the angry mob. I guess that’s one reason I’m not a marine.

    As for the Duchess, she’s lucky the picture was taken from a half-mile out. With a little imagination she might even look good from that distance.

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