The Earth is a living place of sacred teachings. It is not an equation, not a static thing but an ever-flowing holy communication of meaning.

I live on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon, and I am so tired of being chemically sprayed by high altitude jet aircraft. We have been hit every day for at least 90% of the days of past 6 weeks. The spray lines are either being placed right over Chiloquin like today, or they come in as an afternoon drift from the heavy morning spraying over the Pacific. If you remember your physics, fallout is always heavier at the higher elevations (4100 – 4200 feet in Chiloquin) as opposed to the west side of the Cascades (1382 feet in elevation in Medford, Oregon)

This means that the chemical fallout over the east side of the Cascades is much heavier in spray particulates which I think is making me sick. I have a headache which does not go away and a metal taste in my mouth. If you are skeptical about this, my east side brothers and sisters; go out right now and taste our snow. For a fleeting moment, you will find the cold snow taste delightful. The aftertaste however is a different story. It is incredibly metallic. It is actually frightening how bad the snow tastes. My dogs won’t eat it. I swear to Buddha, it is like licking a cookie sheet.  

Because we have skied every winter for 36 years, I know what clean snow should taste like. A refreshing drink of high mountain snow while you are skiing along used to be like receiving a winter sacrament; it always used to wrench my mind right to Creator. Now, to be outside is to be reminded of rulers who are no longer sane. The frightened silence of our politicians is deafening; their petty squabbles remind me of a bunch of bickering children while the Lord of the Flies continues to rule humanity.

The taste of snow is a screaming reminder that we don’t have much time left to turn this train around. We must demand our right to health as a gift from the Lord Creator inherent in life itself. This assault in our skies is an assault on our physical and spiritual wellness, because it is much more difficult to grow in Spirit and delight in life when you are just fighting for health.

Happy New Year.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pacific Ocean off the coast of drought-sickened Oregon. Notice how the frontal system is being shoved north and east away from Oregon and northern California as the low pressure delivery of precipitation hits the spray wall of artificially created high pressure. Just easy, simple physics…

9 thoughts on “The Earth is a living place of sacred teachings. It is not an equation, not a static thing but an ever-flowing holy communication of meaning.

  1. I totally agree with you! I live in the South Willamette Valley, and those jets fly right over my house all the time. Always from north to south. I think they have a “base” in McMinnville called Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., and according to one website, they have long-standing ties with the CIA.

    We don’t get a lot of snow here, but when we do, I know better than to eat it. I’m an organic gardener, and I believe whatever they are spraying on us affects my veggies, herbs and flowers. I haven’t seen a butterfly in my back yard in two years, and see fewer and fewer bees and other beneficial insects every year. When this stuff is in the air, it doesn’t rain.

    I also have a headache that won’t go away, and it upsets me that everyone around me doesn’t care and won’t even have a conversation about it. I think about moving somewhere where they don’t spray, but people all over the world say it’s happening over their skies, too.

    1. Yeap…Dryest year in LA LA land, EVER…been spraying on and off for last 3 weeks…unexplained headach ALL day..on 12 apsrine, nothing helps…save this site, you can only see them during the day light hours..they have been spraying out over the pacific pretty strong lately…
      What are these aholess thinking? They have to live here too…They must be totally INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hey ARF if you have a good relationship with your doctor ask him to prescribe you 50mg tramidol. take half a pill with 2 ibuprofen. that helps me when trails are strong, and also helps impinged nerve pain. don’t drive though until you see how you react to it. not harmful. however it effects different people in different ways. i had a pharmacist tell me about this combination, and it seems to work to a certain extent for me.

        1. Thanks for the advice…took my share of ibuprofen when I ruptured disc in my lower back…had to take Pep something to stop the ibuprofen from wiping out my stomach and that stuff is very bad for your kidneys…I took my share of vicodine to, by the handfull…stay away from them was the only fix…to bad, if it happened today, ovmitcare deductable would not cover it…$10,000…would still be out of pocket…maybe a brain extration will work…not a drinker, not a hangover but ready to bust into GF’s vodka!! Something has to work…woke with it at 5am, still going strong….behind my eyes, type and a little, shake and brain feels lose…LOL Sinus!! I just wish tptb would spend half the effort of all the spraying and do something about Fuck US island(shima means island in japanese)….Makes me feel in may have been done and not just an EQ…

  2. here in n cali their already predicting a drought. couldn’t be the nonstop chemspraying could it? the planes have been spraying so heavily and low that you could see one was a military plane. wtf! notice i said planes, not pilots.

  3. gwen towers, terahertz, and chemtrails. i could be wrong but i think its 4 terahertz to put someone to sleep, 6 terahertz or higher to cause agitated state and or mind control status. the heavy metals from chemtrails and possibly vaccines and god knows what else make it all possible. i wouldn’t doubt dreams can be affected, mood, chronic insomnia, pain, blood pressure etc…i wasn’t able to keep up or get back to video interview i was watching in regards to this.

  4. Here in South Louisiana, the chem trails are so bad also. Everyday, no brake. The other morning we had blue skies, I saw the sun, then they started spraying in the usual X pattern. I have not seen a blue sky since then. It breaks my heart that people could do this, that is why they are not people, they are evil.

    I feel the trails have gotten worse, a lot worse, recently.

  5. Northwest is usually cloudy during winter and I dont know if they spray. During the summer tho it is soooo obvious. I show people, they freak out, then just say, ah well, nothing I can do about it, and go their merry way.

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