The False Teaching Of “The Ark Encounter”

World Events and the Bible

We had the opportunity to visit “The Ark Encounter” which is a replica of Noah’s Ark that is located in Williamstown, Kentucky. I wanted to visit the site since its completion in 2016. As I look back on our experience, I was not sure what to expect from this attraction. I suppose my initial thoughts were just the size of the ark, I never looked up the details, I hate to spoil the surprise. Unfortunately, it would become one of the biggest eye-opening experiences of my life into the false teachings of mainstream Christianity.  

We would like the reader to understand, this article alone was not entirely designed to disprove what is being taught at “The Ark Encounter”.

Instead, this article was primarily designed to tell you what is being taught at this attraction. The false teachings were so numerous and in need of explanation, we could not cover all of the details in a single article. Due to the abundance of false teaching taking place at “The Ark Encounter”, we are producing numerous Bible studies to combat these untruths. Untruths that have great ramifications believers should understand.

As these Bible studies become available, links will be provided in the “Related Bible Studies” box.

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4 thoughts on “The False Teaching Of “The Ark Encounter”

  1. “First off, nowhere in the Bible did God require a sacrifice from Adam and Eve due to their sin. ”
    Gen 3:21  “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. “

    1. You got that right, KOYOTE. I am very leery of much of what is posted at World Events and the Bible. Some very strange doctrines come out of there. I’m quite certain their writings regarding the Ark Encounter will be filled with error.

      1. One of Brandon’s doctrines I staunchly oppose is his notion that “Noah’s Flood” was confined to the Mediterranean area when there are Flood stories from well over 100 ancient cultures, including Aussie Aboriginals, Maoris, Eskimos-Inuit, and other cultures nowhere near the Middle East…or did these folks all migrate when “God confounded the languages” when Nimrod was building the Tower of Babel? (That’s his excuse anyway). Never mind archeological proof that Noah’s Flood impacted the area around the Grand Canyon…

        1. DL. I have never made such a statement. However, I will share my beliefs in the near future. I can count the times I have said the flood was local on one hand. Do not spread untruths about myself. You should ask yourself about those flood stories… If it was a global flood how did the people survive to tell the story? Do some more research, those cultures are speaking about local floods, not that they have anything to do with Noah.

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