2 thoughts on “The fight for freedom, it’s on in France

  1. While its nice to see push back, this is not it. At some point they will start getting a little more serious in the unarmed Europe nations and then they will allow the Cops to Shoot and then the people will scatter as ALWAYS happens in this crap we have seen for way too long.

    I do hope they will engage and eradicate the enforcers and the suits and then take back their nation just as we must do.

    But the only way this could ever be defeated “Peacefully” is with a true Massive Critical mass of people shutting down the entire system and hanging in public all the officials and Corporate heads whom have participated in this Hoax/Fraud crime… and that would be considered peaceful in my estimation.

    Probably will not happen!

    So it is lead for lead….it will ultimately be up to all of us as individuals, and I am hearing more people chattering along the same lines daily now even in our island paradise here.

    These scum will reap what they have asked for!

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