The Fiscal Cliff Propaganda Loop

There are over 7 billion people on Planet Earth and if one were to judge the condition thereof by the reporting in the mainstream, it would appear that there are four or five things going on in the United States that seem to be unchanging in their essence and the rest of the world is frozen in time.  The looming fiscal cliff, which has come up on and off as the main story in our news for the past three years, the Susan Rice/Benghazi scandal, and the drama in the Piddle East are being shoved down our throats ad nauseum.  The propaganda machine seems to be attempting to hold us in a one week loop until we break down and accept the idea of austerity as a fate accompli that in reality has yet to occur.

Are billions of dollars going to be taken out of our economy?  Oh yes.  Is this revenue going to come from those who can least afford it?  Oh, hell yes.  But between the idea and the reality lies the shadow, which is our acceptance of $50 trillion being stolen from us that we are now being told we must replace through our deprivation.

Be it made clear.  We have already been deprived of $50 trillion.  The idea here is for the thieves to double their money, even after being exposed.  It would seem the original $50 trillion is being used as power to force the will of the thieves upon their victims for further theft.  Kind of like having your $500 gun stolen from you and the thief pointing it at you the next day telling you to give $500 in your wallet over to him.

If we allow this austerity to go forward it is nothing more than an act of pure raw cowardice.  Has $50 trillion been stolen from us through the international derivative fraud?  YES!!!  Have the thieves been arrested and prosecuted and forced to return our property?  NO!!!  Are we now being told that we are going to have to hand the rest of everything we have over to these very same thieves?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

This is why we are seeing the holding pattern in the mainstream propaganda.  The sheeple, being the sheeple, only see the austerity in the abstract.  The corporate elite are actually wondering what is going to happen when the taking of so much more becomes a reality.  Too many of our people are still stupid enough as to be able to convince themselves that this outrage is going to affect everybody else but them.

In short, the international corporate mafia intends to go through with the theft.  The only question is to what degree.  It is much for them to calculate as they are up against the collapse of the dollar, which is the reason QE4, $45 billion more borrowed to give over to the players in the stock market in addition to the $40 billion from QE3 into eternity.

QE3 and QE4 are for nothing more than to buy time and this is a double edged sword as each additional dollar adds to the severity of the ultimate blow when the hammer falls.  They have painted themselves into a corner and there is no way out.  Unfortunately for us, we are that which is being painted and the paint is toxic.

There is no punishment severe enough to procure justice for what has been done to us.  It is probably best we just exterminate these bastards as fast as possible that we may begin to forget this pathetic episode in our nation’s history and return to living what is left of our lives.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “The Fiscal Cliff Propaganda Loop

  1. Yes, the corporate propaganda outlets are distracting from what is real. People really had over $2 trillion “extra” withheld from their wages. That real money was invested in bonds. The bonds were used to cover government spending on corporate entitlements – everything from medical profiteering to war profiteering, to serial frauds and “bailouts.” Now government says it can’t repay the bonds to replace the money that was withheld from the working class.

    That isn’t an entitlement, not a fiscal cliff. It is a default by the US government. Why are bonds held by China sacrosanct? Why should every mafiosa fraud in education be paid? Why do all the big banks need to be serially “bailed out,” yet the money owed to the working class is on Washington’s utterly corrupt table. “Ooh, we can’t pay that! Who do those people think they are?”

    We are in a crisis, and the crisis is whether government tries to stop the destruction of its own people or continues to align itself with an international mafia.

  2. QE 4 is the most blatant revelation of their criminal intent. If this obviously fiscally suicidal endeavor by the corporate mafia isn’t apparent to the sheeple, they may just as well check themselves into camp FEMA, rather than waiting in line for the privilege.

        1. Oh, yea I forgot about that. He needs to give the people his inaugural present. AKA QE5.

          Dear Leader loves us so much. (sarcasm)

  3. I think that every working person should just up and stop/quit working their job for a month or so – better yet until they stop lieing to us all and start doing their jobs. Our govt. is not working for us, why should our tax dollars pay their wages and work for them scum bags.

  4. SCOTUS as the highest court in the land has committed high treason by giving corporations unlimited funding of candidates in their decision of january, 2010. That day the constitution ended, Government is now by AIPAC, their Banks and zionist corporations that seek to destroy all wealth held in private hands.

    Progressive is communism is fascism is zionist propaganda to steal all wealth and power from the working middle class and to create a vast poor reliant on the state.

    Enemy Number One must be SCOTUS.

    1. SCOTUS are a small group of compliant flunkies who do exactly what they’re told. There are probably some “under the table” bonuses, for demonstrating faux debate, but in the end, these pampered parasites care nothing about us. They should all be tried, convicted, and hung.

  5. The latest distractions are the NFL shooting (to promote gun control), and climate change (to promote the cap and trade Casino). Perhaps they realize that enough of us are onto big false flags, hence the multiplying of small ones.

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