The Fiscal Cliff – This is the End My Friend

The mainstream propaganda machine is now moving into its next production which will intensify through the fraudulent election cycle right up until the final crash of our economy.  Behold the new slogans, “Clock ticking towards fiscal cliff; still no fix from DC”, “Report: Fiscal cliff could cause stock market correction”, “Battle over government spending intensifying as election nears”, and “Taxpayers on edge as fiscal cliff nears”.

Well I guess we should be on edge as this is the end of the world as we know it.  If things go ahead as planned, every member of the 99% will have $3600 less to spend in the coming year.  And this is not counting the $2600 penalty for those making too much to get free health care but too little to purchase it privately, thanks to Obamacare.

It is really quite interesting as the great debate over the upcoming catastrophe in the realms of problems and solutions remains unchanged.

We can’t cut military spending as the world will see us as weak and we will lose millions of jobs.

The filthy rich, the job creators (who not only do not create jobs but are busily outsourcing the few we have left) must not only be allowed to keep their tax cut, but must have further tax cuts so they may feel secure to create more jobs…(in other countries).

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid cannot be maintained because almost half of the $5 trillion surplus has already been stolen and the rest is needed to finance the invasion into Iran.  There are just not enough people working and paying into the system to pay for those not working and living off of the system.  But would this be the case if 100 million of us had not lost our jobs and been removed from the work force and the whole $5 trillion surplus in Social Security was still actually in the lock box and the dollar was worth something?

It is fun to look at the hypocrisy and the assertions being made as to solutions to the problems.  But then that damnable old reality just keeps pushing everything aside to step up front and center.

On January 1, 2013 the biggest tax hike since the New Deal is going to be slammed down on the table.  By that day, $320 billion more in toxic derivatives will have heaped up as debt on the backs of the American people, through QE3 into eternity and the separate $85 billion per month swap of tangible notes up to December for even more toxic derivatives.

The only way the complete crash of the US economy and the fiat dollar could be stopped is through a 100% deletion of the fraudulent debt.  Any other assertion is a mathematical impossibility and a bald faced lie.  But just like in 2008 the so called economic experts will continue to lie until the maximum damage is done, by which time they will have slithered back into the shadows with the real wealth they have accumulated through their deceit.

For those of you contemplating moving out of the United States and putting your debt dollars into other currencies, well good riddance.  And turning your back on your country is not going to save you.  You see the US dollar is not only a world currency it is the world currency.  This crash will result in a world depression.

So to all of you who have already left or are getting ready to leave, enjoy your struggle to survive through a depression in a foreign land, and know you will not be coming back to the United States, which will be the first to recover because we still are the resource richest country on Planet Earth.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

21 thoughts on “The Fiscal Cliff – This is the End My Friend

  1. I like your attitude towards those who are deserting America rather than standing up and fighting back. My 6x great gramps came to Virginia in the late 1600’s as a political refugee. He was from Somerset County and was on the wrong side of Monmouth’s Rebellion and had to split or hang.
    Well there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! The NWO has no idea what it has bitten into!

  2. All of the idiots who are running to foreign countries in some mindless attempt to escape a global financial collapse have a rude awakening waiting for them that will eventually leave them wishing they stayed in the good ol’ U.S. of A, regardless of how screwed up it may seem at the moment.

    Who will be the first targets of crime and retribution when the economy collapses in whatever country they run to? In this country, I would expect that a lot of politicians and corporate executives may be in danger, but when they start going hungry in South America, the popular sentiment will be “kill the gringo.” People there tolerate foreigners now because they arrive with a lot of money to spend, but in the locals’ eyes, they’ll always represent the United States, which country will be vilified as the source of everyone’s problems.

    I hope you’re very happy in whatever country you choose to run to, because it won’t last very long, and for abandoning America in its time of need, you’ll get what you deserve when the locals start expressing their anger for the U.S.A. The economic collapse is global, so there’s no escape from it, and the U.S.A., already hated throughout the world, will be seen as the cause of it. Communities around the world will be burning Americans at the stake to vent their anger, regardless of how many dollars you’re throwing around there now, and wherever you may run to, you’ll be just as poor there as you will be here, and suffer identical hardships, with an sharply increased chance of suffering a violent death.

    1. Jolly thats what I tell plenty of people who think that ditching the US makes them safe somehow for the future.
      Gonna be a huge wake up call.

  3. As a fellow Oregon Patriot, I thank you for seeing a need to be another voice of liberty. I appreciate your website and have shared it with others who are liberty=minded and those that are still asleep. We are thankful that our sheriff believes in the Constitution and if martial law is declared has sworn an oath to defend it. Any thoughts about how to prepare for the economic meltdown that is right around the corner?

    1. Start doing things that make you feel more secure. If it would make you feel more secure to buy a gun and a whole lot of clips and ammo, do it. If it would make you feel more secure to change your location, make it a priority. If you think it would make you more secure to have a stash of food made up of two or three cashes in different places, do it. If you think having water filtration would make you more secure, do it. If you think having back packs for yourself and your family, containing what is necessary to survive on the run for a week, do it. If you can’t get out of the city and you think you might want to map out and run an escape route with two alternates, man, I would.
      Any little thing you can do that makes you feel more secure is one step closer to being secure.

      1. Henry,
        What about money? Do you invest in gold and silver, and if so, who do you go through? We live in a rural area, so I feel a bit safer and our sheriff is a neighbor.

          I have most of my fortune invested in caviar.
          The truth is I live from disconnect notice to disconnect notice.
          But if I was fortunate enough to be able to invest in gold or silver I would call Liberty Coin and Precious Metals. 877-808-8052.
          These people are down to earth and were one of the first to step up to sponsor From the Trenches and God bless them for that.

          1. Hey, thumbs up there bro.Henry.——– PS. ya cannot eat gold and silver, but ya can eat caviar- if you can affird caviar. R`nOFLOL. hahaha. __Unless you can afford one of those burgers that they put gold dust/flakes and top off with some of that whale caviar – then I guess they realy do not care that much about money – then they already got more than they need. LOL.

        2. @ robin: Now, you had better just remember that a cops job is to arrest people and the bigger the arrest the bigger the strokes for the pig cop.You just remember that Robin. And one more for ya robin – just remember who money represents – It`s the govt. bastards. I got a county pig that lives across from me too and I leave him alone,and the pig leaves me alone, and I do not need or want any protection from any pig. F**k them c**ksu**ers. They know me and I know them – they can all get screwd – every one of them – them LEO pig/cops are not your freind!!!

    2. “We are thankful that our sheriff believes in the Constitution and if martial law is declared has sworn an oath to defend it.”

      Good, he can deputize ya’all, and hand out the M-16’s and other automated stuff.

  4. We are living under martial law, have you ever tired answering back to a TSA agent? I did and very quickly realized that it was preferable to undo the damage. This is the gestapo!

    Read the following words twice and let the magnitude register in your brain. A recent study showed that 41% of under 24 years olds have been arrested for some suspected crime.…/252222-Study-41-of-Americans-have-been-arrested-...

    Do you ever question why the USA had the highest percentage prison population by many multiples of any any other country in the world. It also has nil arrests of bankers for elite fraud.

    Add NDAA, the Patriot act.

    America is not for and of Americans. It is a foreign occupied country. Soon to be their other Palestine.

  5. Here is something for these defectors that leave our country – If they think for one of their worthless minutes that in another country they are going to be better off than in america – then they better just think about it – the country that they go to know that they left this country and they know just what kind of pusses that the ones that left here are and that the country that they left to go too will most likely use that as extra control over them. They will not only not be wanted back here by us that stayed here, but they will not be able to come back from the country that they left to go to – they know that they betrayed this country and that they are untrustworthy traiters. That is just my own personal opinion !

  6. I say that if you are gonna leave the US and go to another country for pity sake learn their language! Unless of course that other country is Canada or New Zealand or Australia (and why on earth would that other country be Britain?). Do not assume all the natives will speak English.

    Look. folks who want to leave the US are not necessarily “traitors” for goodness sake! What if the college graduate, say, wants to teach English in Asia because there are plenty of job opportunities their that there aren’t here?

  7. The NWO is a GLOBAL agenda. Anyone who actually believes they can find refuge ANYWHERE in the world from these Satanic bast@rds has been watching WAY too much television.
    The U.S. dollar WILL collapse completey when the petro dollar collapses, and I expect to see this any day now.
    The only viable option for survival at that point will be to get together with some like-minded friends, arm yourselves to the teeth, and try to stay under the radar as much as possible.
    As Henry continually reiterates, “death to the international corporate mafia”

    I concur wholeheartedly with you, Henry!

    1. All I got to say to that #1 is I agree and I better shut up right now. Once again ya`ll said it for me. money aint shit. ya know!! Atleast when it gets down to the bear bones of it all. Keep the faith bro and ya keep on smiling – at least try to anyway cause I do, just ask anyone where I live, O.K. Hey friend, good things never change – cause people like us all here were meant to be!!!

    2. I have nowhere to go. I could easily go back to China, but then I would feel like I am turning my back on this country and betraying it when they need patriots the most. But here’s the way I look at it. Like #1 NWOHatr says, it will hit everywhere no matter what country you are in and if I happen to decide to go back to China and get an easy ESL teaching job again and make a lot of money, it will eventually be worthless (unless I turn it into gold or silver) and then it will only be a matter of time before the U.S. officially goes to war with China itself. From that point on, I would probably be labeled a spy in China and either be deported or sent to one of their own concentration camps because if we start concentration camps for Chinese people like we did for Japanese people, China will definitely do the same to U.S. citizens in retaliation. In which case, I would be separated from wife indefinitely. So instead of running away like a coward and leaving what’s left of my family, my wife and I prefer to stay here and fight the global elite right here on their own turf, since a majority of what’s being setup by the elite for their NWO is being discussed and established right here in the U.S. and if we die, we will know that we died as free people rather than living that of a slave.

  8. Y’all seem to be forgetting that over half the population of the US is on some sort of psychotropic medication and probably 80% is pharmaceutical dependent. That ain’t gonna look pretty when they don’t have access to it. No other population in the world is as sick as ‘merikans!

    Pile on top of that their smug superiority and it gets down-right ugly looking. You think they’re all just gonna adopt acupuncture and herbs as their primary care?! LOL!

    I sure as hell don’t wanna be around ’em when the shtf.

    1. Yea that’s true. I have thought about that myself a couple times as well. And you’re right. It won’t be pretty, but it’s just another obstacle that we have to be prepared to face in the coming war in America.

  9. @ RSM: Your only other option is DEATH. If you are ex-military, then this so-called government considers you a domestic terrorist. They’ve taken ANY options you may THINK you have away with that designation. You WILL have to fight to survive. If you believe any differently, then you are EXTREMELY naive, and useless to those of us who have no intention of capitulating to their Satanic agenda.

    Your choice – FIGHT OR DIE!

    1. Yea #1, I was going to rip on that RSM my self but when I posted it I had to edit it and when I was done editing it and hit the post comment button it went to a different article posting for some reason so I just deleted it. ——– PS, I see that that RSM is off now also.

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