The Florida Primary and Special Interests Collectives

Well it is Florida’s turn up to bat and it would seem the mainstream propagandists will probably be taking the day off as they have already recorded their reporting of the results.  I know there are a lot of patriotic Americans of the American race in the State of Florida but to pretend that the New York Branch of the Kosher Mafia does not control Florida would be naïve.  Florida is where all the old traitors go to retire and enjoy the ill begotten wealth they have stolen from the rest of us.  And to think that the vote in Florida is not already fixed is just unrealistic.

Now before all you Floridians jump on the comments section to chastise me for dissing on your state, be advised I was born in Florida and have made a few trips back over the years.  I know what has happened to the State of Florida.  Hell, we might as well chop it off and slide it over against Cuba where it will fit in better.  That is not to say that hope is lost, I’m sure that when we take our Republic back and reinstate our Constitution we can make Florida the truly awesome state it was before the sellout and invasion.

The mainstream propagandists are pushing the need for the candidates to pander to the Latino vote, noting of course that there are collectives within this collective that are looking to be especially pandered to.  I guess the Haitians in Florida are of the opinion that the US taxpayer isn’t giving them as much as is being given to the Cubans.

What a pathetic lot, and every one of you who are a part of these collectives are enemies of the American people of the American race and our Constitution, of which your commie collective factions represent constructive treason to.  The very notion that any group in the United States would be pandered to is a shining example of the socialist rot that has brought us to our present deplorable condition.

In days of old a politician running for the federal position of president spoke to and made promises to the people,, only sweetening the pot through hints of individual reward for individual accomplishment.

The greatest promise any politician could make would have to be to further strengthen our Constitution as it is our Constitution that perpetuated our freedom and prosperity.  Hence the most desired promise to we the people as individuals should be for total freedom, liberty, and prosperity.

Only one candidate is making such an offer to each and every individual one of us.

The biggest problem the establishment has with Ron Paul is that he refuses to pander to special interests through the status quo.  Ron Paul is for we the people and he can give us all our heart’s desire.  And all we have to do is help him to do so.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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