6 thoughts on “The Fourteenth Amendment (1963-Jan-07)

  1. This is great, I trying to download it from YT, but it keeps failing can some one get it downloaded? we all need this in our hands!!

    1. I have downloaded it. I am trying to burn it to DVD. I have been having some trouble with playback on some of the DVDs I have burned. If this turns out ok I will be making multiple copies

  2. I was surprised he didn’t mention the two fire-words of the 14th: “SUBJECT” and “CITIZEN.” It got me wondering, when he talked about certain states rejecting the 14th amendment… Do we have anywhere in print what their stated reasons were? I’ll keep looking but in case anyone knows, it would be good to see that and I would hope its emphasis would be on the rights of the free sovereign individual.

    Also, I searched “Dan Smoot, Bill of Rights.” Except for one item on Article 2, nothing came up. It would seem that ANY criticism of the 14th should have the might of The Bill of Rights thrown behind it. I’m glad Henry keeps covering what the 14th did, and right in front of our eyes, seized power from the people (subjugation) and handed it to the state (aka aristocracy). Trying as it can be, it feels incredible to be part of the fight to wrestle back that power.


    1. Great points galen. There are a few other things I thought he should have gone into however I guess he was keeping focus on the 14th specifically. He could/should have stated as Henry so often does, that the 14th was a direct usurpation of our supreme law.

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