The GOP Caucus in Iowa will Tell the Tale

Tomorrow the people of Iowa will come forth to Caucus and the rest of us will find out just how far the neo-con elite are willing to go in committing blatant election fraud in their attempt to stop the Ron Paul Revolution.  The propaganda attack on Dr. Paul has become as vicious as a pack of hyenas on a lamb.  Unfortunately for these hyenas, Dr. Paul is proving to be a wolf in lamb’s clothing, countering every attack and calling the propagandists out on their own forum, as the low down deceitful traitors to our country that they are.

Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Linda, Delilah, and Louise who are supposed to represent some claim to perfection that the rest of us are void of, are coming forth to make their endorsements for the candidate we should choose.  Any person that would vote for a candidate based on an endorsement from a person that is not a close friend or a member of their family is a mush-minded mental midget that should not be allowed to vote.

In short, if you are so inept, ignorant, or otherwise pathetic that you cannot look at the candidates and form your own opinion, then you are not worth the powder it would take to blow your brains out, which would tend to explain why the French opted for the guillotine for its efficiency and low cost for operation and maintenance.

The petty propagandists are coming out with two or three new polls every day in their rush to attempt to change the reality of the situation.  And again, anyone that would listen to these lies that have been proven a hundred times over to be lies, well if they had a brain, if they could I’m sure they would take it out and play with it.

Guns and ammunition sales are going through the roof after the announcement that Obama has signed the declaration of war against we the people that in effect removes the people’s Bill of Rights from the United States Constitution.

Hey you morons out there playing with your brains, do us all a favor.  Get a copy of the United States Constitution.  Take a black marker and blot out the first ten Amendments.  Now what do you have?  Wow, looks like a document describing nothing more than totalitarian government authority over we the people.

I know the neo-cons are going to try to pool their votes to push Rick Santorum up in the race.  But for anyone else who would follow their lead, I tell you right here, right now in this public forum, that you are committing constructive treason against our Republic through attempting to aid an insurgency and you will be brought to account for your crime along with the rest of the criminals.

Rick Santorum had his arse kicked out of the Senate by the people of Pennsylvania in 2006.  Rick Santorum is a neo-con who still supports the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq wherein genocide was committed upon the people of that country.  Rick Santorum also wants to take our Social Security accounts and hand them over to the corporate elite as their reward for making him high thief of the United States.

Look into the man’s eyes and you will see a zealot with an insatiable hunger for wealth and power.  Santorum will send your children to their deaths as US conscripts for further Israeli expansion and domination in the Middle East.

I have no doubt in my mind that the people of Iowa are going to endorse Dr. Paul with a decisive majority.  I also have no doubt that there is going to be an attempt to change the numbers.  And watch how fast the mainstream propagandists jump on the situation to try to push the lie over the top.  If they try it, we must act decisively as this outrage, coupled with Obama’s abolishment of our rights, should leave no doubt in our minds that the international elitist insurgents intend in no way to be peaceably removed.  Our founding fathers would have already commenced hostilities as an answer to the abolishment of our rights.

If our enemies shut down the election process, I for one cannot see any further justification for any further attempts at a peaceful resolution.  War is one of the most distasteful activities that human beings are capable of, but it has come to the point that if the election is hampered in any way, it will be like dodging a first bullet then stepping back out in the open to give our enemies another free unhampered shot.

At some point we must fight or we will surely be destroyed.  Let us all hope and pray that the neo-cons accept the will of the people.  But if they do not I think we are closing in on kill or be killed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. They’ve tried pushing pathetic puppet after pathetic puppet: Romney, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, etc., so finally they’re reaching down deep into the pool of insanity and hoping to sell Santorum to the American people, well NO SALE! Anyone wanting Santorum for President belongs in a sanitarium! It’s like you said Henry, if Ron Paul is cheated out the presidency through fraud, then there is nothing left for us to lose because we will already be in a land of tyranny, and the only cure for tyranny is revolution.

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