The GOP Delegates Mystery

In trying to decipher the mystery of the changing delegates in the GOP primaries and caucuses thus far I have discovered there is no clear answer and will not be until August  when the Republicans have their National Convention.

The Green Papers, whose mission statement is:

Welcome! This site is dedicated to the dissemination of facts, figures, tidbits and commentary- in fact, information of many different kinds- related (primarily) to the American political process. We sincerely hope you very easily find the kind of information you are looking for here, perhaps even information- all gathered here in one place- you might not so easily find anywhere else.

The Green Papers have come up with the following results in the primaries and caucuses.

I found this in Wikipedia concerning the Iowa Caucuses:

An Associated Press analysis of the original results (showing Romney winning by eight votes) indicated that based on Iowa’s multi-step process, Romney would receive 13 delegates, Santorum would receive 12 delegates, and the rest of the candidates would get no delegates. This projection by the AP was also used by the New York Times. CNN used a different estimate in which which Romney, Santorum, and Paul would each receive 7 delegates, and Perry and Gingrich would receive two delegates each.. In addition to the 25 pledged delegates, Iowa will also send three unpledged delegates to the convention, for a total of 28 Iowa delegates.

Why they would have such differing analyses of the delegates is still unclear.  And why is there such a discrepancy in the amount of delegates for Newt Gingrich from South Carolina?

I do know one thing.  If they can change the unemployment rate from 20% to 8.5% they should have no qualms in using 50 different reports to move the delegates to whomever they want.



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