7 thoughts on “The Great Debators, from 2007, with Denzel Washington, set in Texas, 1935

    1. You’re welcome, Katie. I think you’ll appreciate it, but I know you’ll want to be in on some of those debates.



    1. Glad you liked it, Mary. The ending surprised me, I mean where the final debate ended up, and the twist on violence vs non-violence. Made think of where we are today what we’re up against.


      1. ps: I thought this was powerful, the teacher preparing the students to win a debate:

        Who’s the judge?

        The judge is God.

        Why is he God?

        ‘Cause he decides who will win or lose.

        Who is your opponent?

        He doesn’t exist.

        Why doesn’t he exist?

        Because he’s a mere dissenting voice to the truth I speak.


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