The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk issues a threat to the People!

Aussie Cossack

Oct 21, 2021

Queensland Premier Naughty Anastasia unashamedly issues threats to the people and admits on camera during a LIVE press conference that she is planning to detain the unjuiced in quarantine camps!! Wake up Australia!

5 thoughts on “The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk issues a threat to the People!

  1. No Bitch , this is YOUR last opportunity to decry this tyranny or be hung with the rest of them .. with a dirty razor inlayed rope of hemp

  2. Well keep up with your protesting, it is working so well

    I’m sure you will all be able to solve this peacefully and the megalomaniacs in charge will stand down and apologize and turn themselves in

    Australia should be the first to jump off soon I imagine…if not, well, hard to say what happened to real men in Aussie land…

  3. The horse tranny PM of New Zealand is in “lockstep” & has just made an announcement something to the effect that people living in Auckland (the largest city currently in level 3 lockdown) will not be seeing their families outside of Auckland this Christmas unless they are fully shot up with toxic poison. I’m pretty certain that’s the pure definition of coercion & being held to ransom even in their own “legal” system. “It” also added the same restrictions as in other countries now regarding access to gyms, bars, etc. Next will be mandatory passports as per all other tyrannical states. Literally just made the announcement in the last 2 hours. Short video clips will start appearing soon no doubt or full videos now on Youtube.

    Now consider this little video (maybe someone can dig deeper into this for more info – I only just saw it few minutes ago) –


    The dumb sheep who STILL can’t see what’s really going on genuinely now deserve everything that’s coming to them. What I resent the most is their attempts to pull me down with them because they are too f*cking stupid or cowardly to stand for what’s right, and that includes my own family unfortunately! I only more recently started commenting here after listening to the broadcasts & reading articles for some time but just talking to people out & about I know there’s heaps of us out here all experiencing the same things. As a noob commenter here (but a longtime anti-authoritarian, life-student of historical conspiracy & general observer) I may not always put my thoughts into words that align perfectly with all the veterans but I really just want to thank Henry for giving us all a space to vent those thoughts anyway & for his efforts putting out a daily broadcast that both informs & encourages. What he says about a lot of people around the world listening in now is true – I personally know several people in 2 different countries who started listening in the last year & now wouldn’t be without their daily dose. Their collective comments to me have been along the lines of “finally someone who says it like it is!”. They have been passing on the message where they live with some success now that a few more people are starting to have their eyes opened by all this obvious treachery. Also thank you to all the regulars here for sharing your thoughts & passing on sources of info – all valuable! 😉

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