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The Hopi Prophecy

Uploaded on May 18, 2010 by Keeb Archive

See http://www.truth-book.com to see the writings of shaman Kai. A ground-breaking interpretation of Buddhist thinking through the eyes of a shaman, explaining the interconnected nature between man and reality. (Released – May 2010)

An interesting summary of some of the principal aspects of Hopi prophecy. Many say that the white man is evil; he is simply lost, he is not inherently evil. Goodness is inherent, never cultivated; only evil is cultivated.

The meaning of Pahana is lost white brother, this is a metaphor to describe the white man who is currently disordered within his mind and who will return (collectively as Pahana) when he finds psychological order and therefore goodness. This can be the only real interpretation of this aspect of the prophecy because the true nature of religion is to find one’s own inner light and never to follow, conform or imitate. There will not be an individual leader called Pahana, because wherever there is authority there is always the ache of fear.

If there can be a mind in perfect harmony, then it is possible for there to be absolute order. To return to the question as to whether this order – whether goodness – can be cultivated, the question translates as to whether harmony can exist in a map, in a plan, in accordance to a blueprint or design. Can it be cultivated through time? The evidence from world history, that being century upon century of imported goodness from religious law or political view, suggests not. Yet if you look into yourself with clarity, do you not feel an inherent goodness within? Do you feel that this goodness is something that you can learn and import or do you feel that it is part of you? If it is inherent, then it is part of your fundamental nature and need not exist according to a design laid down by the human mind or by society. So look inward and find out; is that flame of goodness alive? If it is (and I, like many before me, have found that it is), then realise therefore that it will be the same for others. And if you realise, as an individual component part in a society of many, that I am society and society is me, that you are society and society is you, then these realisations will also be universal. We can all share this realisation. Then what is fundamental to me – this goodness – and what is fundamental to you – also goodness – can translate together into a society of goodness.

Kai x

The video interpretation of the prophecy is incomplete as it omits many aspects, including the case that humanity currently stands at a cross-roads and that we need not destroy ourselves or the planet.

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2 Responses to The Hopi Prophecy

  1. dave says:

    When one starts looking into all the old prophecies and learns to see it through the eyes of those telling it and understand the euphemisms of the culture it becomes amazingly enlightening how similar they are from all cultures.

    Many similarities to the Old Testament prophecies, vedic, native american.
    I have always found prophecy rock and tanach similarities to be interesting.
    “Plant seeds of wisdom in their hearts,” is much like Jeremiah 31;33

  2. BK says:

    Hopi prophecy (like so many others) is of a coming “alien” savior from the stars.

    The Babylonian catholic church began implying an “alien Jesus” in 1996 and continues to do so.
    The catholic church is also the entity behind the ‘Ancient Alien’ series on the History channel.
    They seem to always make a point that the “God of the Bible” was/is an alien – that’s the whole purpose of the “programming”.

    YHVH “reveals the end from the beginning” …

    “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” – Isa. 46:10

    One would be wise to crack the ancient history books and take a real close look at the one called Tammuz.

    Know your enemy!

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