The Icing On The Cake: Gabby Giffords’ Old Seat Goes To A Pro-Gun Republican

Martha-McSally-APDown Trend – by  Brian Carey

And you thought that this year couldn’t get any better.

You were probably riding on the news about faux moderate Democrat Mary Landrieu losing her seat (and, by extension, the Democrats losing the South) a couple of weekends ago. You might have even told yourself: “Well, that’s a nice way to close out the year!”

But the year wasn’t over.

There’s one more bit of good news for you to savor. Gabby Giffords’ old Congressional seat has gone to a pro-gun Republican.

Breitbart, make yourself useful.  

On December 17, pro-Second Amendment candidate Martha McSally (R) was officially declared the winner in the race for Arizona’s second congressional district over pro-gun control Representative Ron Barber (D-AZ-2.)

Arizona’s second district is gun control proponent Gabby Giffords’ former seat and the contest she campaigned hardest for during the months prior to the November 4 mid-term elections.

According to Roll Call, McSally won the election by “167 votes.” Barber released a statement congratulating her and “wishing her well in serving southern Arizonans.”

This calls for a celebration! Free beer tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “The Icing On The Cake: Gabby Giffords’ Old Seat Goes To A Pro-Gun Republican

  1. Sooooo….this republican is going to save us and our freedom? Gabby wasn’t even shot IMO so this saviour of our Republic is our source of refuge? Where’s the punchline? I ask too many questions, time to watch reruns of DWTS….just kidding.

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