‘The Kind Of Guy He Takes Home To Mother’: Cottonelle Latest Among Brands Using Homosexuality In Advertising

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WEB Notes: Speaking of horse business, here is more. First off, what genius comes up with the slogan “DownThereCare” for toilet paper? Am I the only one who just spit up my coffee? Then the sicko’s explained before you show off your homosexual buddy to Mom and Dad, remember, their toilet paper will “remove more at once for a superior clean”. Alright, now I just lost the breakfast I haven’t even eaten yet…

Your heavenly Father said homosexual acts are an abomination. Do not get mad at me for that statement, He said it, you take it up with Him.

Mr. and Mrs. Christian, grow a backbone already. Do not put up with this perverted filth. We just saw a Christian Baker win his case, you take notice. Then remove this product from your purchase list.

These companies continue to push forward the homosexual agenda because we, as Christians are allowing it to continue.

We stay silent, ‘ohh we wouldn’t want them to think Christians are unloving, now would we’.

Grow a backbone!

God is love, but God is also a God of war, (Exodus 15:3).

“Well, that is just a little too much for me Brandon.”

“Well, I guess you are just a little too good for God then.”

Do not be so soft in your practice of the Christian faith that you leave out the war part. Without correction, people will not understand the error of their ways. People are going to die an eternal death, do you really want to hush that up so they do not know the error of their ways? That just might make you partly responsible.

Stand up for God for Heavens sake or where exactly do you think you will be found when Christ Returns?

Luke 13:28
 “There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.”

Kimberly-Clark’s toilet paper brand Cottonelle is the latest to use homosexuality in promotional advertising, as one of the commercials in its recently-released “DownThereCare” series centers on advising a man to give himself a “confidence boost” in meeting his partner’s parents for the first time.

“Down there, because today you meet the parents,” the 15-second advertisement states. “So, before they sit you down, give your [bottom] a confidence boost with ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean, and make you feel like the kind of guy he takes home to mother.”

It then shows two young men smiling at each other.

Source: ‘The Kind of Guy He Takes Home to Mother’: Cottonelle Latest Among Brands Using Homosexuality in Advertising | Christian News Network

World Events and the Bible

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