The Lawyer’s Secret Oath

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Investigate: Lawyers Guild of Great Britain and any ties to the American Bar Association.

“BAR” stands for “British Accreditation Research”  

[02/21/1999] A federal judge in Texas has moved to outlaw Quicken Family Lawyer, a legal software program. The reason. It was too helpful. Judge Barefoot Sanders determined that by helping people fill our their legal documents, the program treads illegally on lawyers’ turf. Specifically, it violates law that bar anyone but licensed lawyers from giving legal advice. The case was brought by a lawyers’ group, whose interest is clear enough. Lawyers typically charge anywhere from $100 to $650 an hour. Quicken costs $29.95 for life.

The Legal monopoly: An American Bar Association committee on non-lawyer practice in 1995 noted that enforcement of unauthorized practice laws declined after 1970, but rose again in the ‘90s. Recent cases suggest the trend continues.

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