The Mechanics for the Destruction of the US Economy

It has been almost four years since the crash of the mortgage derivatives Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme.  Simultaneously and as a part of that crash, credit lines for small businesses were revoked, causing factory shutdowns and job losses, which caused further foreclosures and the loss of $billions in private retirement accounts.  All of these things were the result of international crimes having been committed by the international banking cartels.  Since then our national debt has grown by $6 trillion.

In contrary to what the mainstream propagandists would have us believe, our people continue to see businesses shut down and moved out of our country.  We are still losing net jobs by the thousands every week.  The home foreclosures continue as more of the toxic derivatives from around the world are drawn out of cyberspace and put on the books of the American people as debt.

As a reward for the propagation of this destruction, the corporate elite continue to procure record profits through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT for the economic terrorism they are committing upon the American people.  Of course all along the way, the battle rages to see whether the neo-con national socialists or the soviet socialist can up the scale of the theft of our natural resources to a higher degree.

So we hear, “Stimulus spending” and “Green energy projects” from the soviet socialists, countered by, “Spending cuts” and “Tax cuts” from the national socialists.  And the theft goes on, status quo.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has a plan.  He wants to cut food stamps and Medicare and divert the monies thereof to giving further tax cuts to the international corporations.

In December of 2010 the Bush Era Tax Cuts for the top 1% were extended, using the excuse that if we did extend the cuts, the filthy rich would feel secure and start creating jobs again in the United States.  Of course as previously mentioned, the flow of US jobs out of our country has not even so much as slowed down.  So I guess that brilliant plan didn’t work.

Now the corporate elite, while nibbling on caviar sitting in the hot tubs of their corporate jets at 20,000 feet, have instructed their lapdog, Paul Ryan, to blame the destruction their blatant theft has caused in the US on the people they put on food stamps through that theft.

Of course the one party system being the one party system, the traitor William Jefferson Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reform, is being used as an argument for taking food away from millions formerly of the middle class who supported this country for a generation.  And just how well did Clinton’s Welfare Reform work?

Well the number of households living on $2 per day increased 130% from 1996 to 2011, which would have to be hailed as a success if you are one of the elite that got everything that was above $2 per day prior to 1996.

The facts are as follows:  An international banking scam, fraud in its purest form, was and is being used to drive we the people to our knees.  Paul Ryan wants to change the food stamp program so his elitist masters can use food to implement slavery.

If the food stamp program ended tomorrow does anyone out there fortunate enough to still have a job believe any of that wealth would be returned to them?  The food stamp program is socialist in its essence but was never designed to be a giveaway, but rather, through a series of legislative moves, Paul Ryan’s being the capstone, it is absolutely taking money from one citizen and using that money to compel performance out of another.

If we want this madness to end, the solution is simple.  Stop the theft and return the wealth of the United States to the people of the United States.  All of these gimmicks are nothing but.  Look at what is going on around you, one group of socialists is saying we need to fix the machine by further transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the corporate elite, while another sect of socialists is saying we need to fix the machine by further transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the corporate elite.

The truth is the machine is not broken.  The fact is it was designed, engineered, and constructed for the sole purpose of sucking the natural resources out of the United States and transforming them into deposited wealth in foreign bank accounts, which belong to the international elitists.  The only arguments we are hearing are in reference to making the machine more efficient to this purpose.

If the people of the United States ever want to be free of these parasitic blood suckers, the solution is simple.  The machine must be destroyed.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “The Mechanics for the Destruction of the US Economy

  1. Here is some mind numbing information:

    “We hope all of our readers have a very restful, relaxing weekend, because you need to be prepared: This next week is going to be one of the busiest weeks in memory.

    Now of course, the really busy weeks always come unexpectedly (such as when Japan had its nuclear crisis last year, and the entire world was riveted by every twist and turn for days), but in terms of scheduled events, the coming days are like nothing we’ve seen before.
    We’ve got big-time economic events, earnings, important central bank meetings, and oh yeah, even elections that have implications for the entire world.

    So, let’s preview the sprint.

    Monday, April 30 is probably going to be the quietest day, but even that will be stacked. On the US economy front, we’ve got fresh data for Personal Income & Spending, the Chicago PMI Report, and the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook Survey. There’s also a boatload of earnings that day, as there will be every other day next week.

    Tuesday, May 1 is another big day for meaty data. In the US we get the ISM Manufacturing Index, Construction Spending, and auto sales. Auto sales are particularly important to us, as they make for a great barometer for employment (which we’ll find out a lot more about later in the week). ALSO on Tuesday we get the beginning of one of the most exciting days for the economy: Global PMI Day.

    That’s when all the countries have their April PMI reports released. It will really kick off with a bang, when the Chinese Manufacturing PMI comes out at 10:30 US time. Actually, Japanese and South Korean numbers come out a bit earlier in the evening, so that’s technically when things will kick off.
    Wednesday, May 2 will see a continuation of the PMI releases. In the early hours of the US day, we’ll get fresh numbers for all of the European economies. Then in the US that day we get Factory Orders and the ADP jobs report, a key preview for Friday’s main-event Non-Farm Payrolls Report. And remember, there are tons of earnings throughout.

    Thursday, May 3 will see the entrance of the central banks. The ECB is meeting in Barcelona, and will make its latest monetary policy decision at 7:45 AM ET. It is possible that we’ll get some movement, or a chance in policy. The Eurozone is clearly on the skids, economically, and a rate cut is called for. The Mario Draghi press conference at 8:30 AM ET will be scrutinized to see what, if anything, he says about the surge in rates in Spain and Italy and so forth.

    There’s been a growing din about ‘growth’ in Europe, and how to make it happen. We’ll see if Draghi moves the ball forward on this front. In the US on Thursday we get initial jobless claims (which have been uncomfortably high three weeks in a row), productivity data, and the ISM Services report.

    Friday, May 4 brings the granddaddy of economic reports: The Jobs Report. The current estimate is for just 162K new jobs created… which would definitely signal a downshift from the recent trend. Of course, there’s tons of sub-data within the jobs report that will be picked over like crazy.
    So that’s the end of the workweek, but the busy week doesn’t end there!

    Sunday, May 6 is elections day! There’s the French election of course. Francois Hollande is the overwhelming favorite to replace conservative Nicolas Sarkozy, potentially throwing a huge monkeywrench into Europe’s plan to place every country into a fiscal straitjacket. Also there are Greek elections, and they’re arguably more important than the French ones. If the two main parties fail to secure a majority in Parliament, watch out! There’s also a chance we’ll see an upsurge in support for the nationalists. And even that’s not it. Italy has regional elections that go from May 6 to May 7, and that will prove to be a major test of Monti’s ability to push reforms. Between the three countries, it’s possible we’ll see a major negative shift against the status quo.

    So there you have it: Earnings, elections, central banks, and some of the most important economic data there is. And that’s just what’s scheduled. That’s why we’re giving you such a big heads up to take it easy this weekend.”

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