The Minute Woman

I’d never heard of The Minute Women before. A somewhat secret group, they formed in the 50’s supposedly pro-God and anti-Communism, supporting McCarthy, and they sure did hate UNESCO. I have to look into them more so I can’t yet say anything about their strengths, weaknesses, or compromises, and as to where they stood regarding the honoring and upholding of our Bill of Rights, but here are some quotes by Ellen McClay, one of their members:

“Our schools are being converted into agencies for the dissemination of radical propaganda, much of which originates in Communist front organizations!!”

“We believe the people, and particularly the parents of children in our public schools, have a right to know what is going on and what is proposed for our American youth.”

“American schools have been and are an adjunct of the most viciously anti-American propaganda outfit ever conceivedAnyone who claims to be a patriot, and leaves their children in these tax-supported brainwashing facilities is betraying their own beliefs.”

“If there is anything UNESCO dislikes, it is patriotism. It wants to replace it with what it calls world-mindedness. In order to bring this about, it must wipe out of the minds of our youngsters respect and admiration and love for American traditions and the American way of life and instill in their place respect and admiration and love for all the countries of the world. Logically, this could only bring respect and admiration and love for the socialist and fascist and communist way of life which is prevalent in those countries.”

“UNESCO doesn’t want your children to know the uniqueness of our Republic — they rank the U.S. as no different from any other form of government. Well, it didn’t start out that way — no matter what has been done to it since. Anti-Americanism is taught in American schools from kindergarten through graduate school!”

Well, these old girls had something to say, and I do like the sound of their name: “The Minute Women.”

Here’s what Wiki says about Them:

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  1. Thank you for posting this information. Until now, I had no idea that a group such as this existed. And you can tell from the commentary from Ellen McClay that even as far back as the 50s, there were people who were awake and aware of reality – in other words, these women were not sheeple. The 1950s is so often depicted as a quiet, family-oriented decade, with many of the government propaganda films from that era depicting families gathered around the TV set watching propaganda films! Yes, no B.S., I have seen films from the 50s showing exactly that! Anyway, it’s good to know that the 1950s did have awake people – that were not sheepled-out…

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