The Money Trap – Welfare Verses Common Sense

Welfare families with children are not only at the short end life’s stick, but are stuck with the lowering of their benefits on a yearly basis. The main costs being their rent and child care. If you have a couple of kids and on welfare, you’re probably feeding them out of tins 3 or 4 times a week, inadequate to say the least. Fresh veggies and meat is a luxury, and that is what needs to change and fast. The world is not a safe place, families living under stress more than ever. Long ago kids never had the problems we have today. Why is it that our kids live under more stress than ever before? Watching their parents self worth evaporate, the pain being passed on to their kids.  

Illegal immigrants housed in American holding centers eat better than American welfare kids, and that is why we are close to civil war, a revolution to correct this crapola, along with many other US civil violations occurring daily.

Many years ago I talked about vacant unsold houses sitting empty, not able to be sold, on the market for years. These homes must be used to house families with kids, it’s so obvious that it’s inconceivable that it isn’t being thought as a solution. The details could be ironed out, but it’s a solution that must be used to help these families. No cost to the families, simple right?

So simple in fact that it’s not being done, and we spend billions on illegal wars, throwing money away by the billions of dollars.

So we have families now not able to feed their children adequately, and we spend billions a year for bullets for the military. Something like one in five homes in America is sitting empty, unacceptable in any right minded brain stem.

These are the kinds of things that drive Americans nuts, change has to come soon, as the entire world is about to explode in violence. How in the hell can you justify letting people starve to death, when you have these kinds of options.

There are more American military bases around the world than there are emergency food centers in America, and we have to hear about some illegal immigrant kid die in some American holding center. The kid probably chocked on a piece of fresh fruit, or a chunk of fresh steak, while he just got through playing Nintendo on a 50 inch big screen.

These goddamn treasonous SOBs sitting in Washington eat fat every day, given benefits an Arabian sultan would receive, and they turn their treasons heads like they don’t see this ugliness.

Fill these thousands of homes with destitute families with kids immediately; quit crying about the details, they can be ironed out later.

Quit feeding illegal wars; quit giving billionaires and multi millionaires ungodly tax breaks you goddamned idiots…

Again, thousands of unsold homes sitting empty, what the hell is wrong with you idiots?

One thought on “The Money Trap – Welfare Verses Common Sense

  1. It’s almost as stupid as those millions of cars that sit rusting away because they never sold. There is plenty of profit in war, which facilitates the theft of any nation’s resources, which is why they steal the peoples’ money and throw it into the war machine. What a sick world.

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