The Motive Behind The Murder of LaVoy Finicum

Before It’s News – by Wynter Moon

American’s are allowed to own and have guns, that doesn’t make them militant, anti-government, seizing or any other inflammatory remarks the media wants to associate with these peaceful men seeking a redress of grievances.  This situation had been on going for 10 years without any meaningful resolution.  In other words Bundy kept being ignored by the County officials who were failing to do their jobs. 

Relatives of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 55, a spokesman for the group that seized buildings at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, said he posed no threat and they were not accepting the authorities’ assertion that he was armed.  Again, the buildings were not “seized.”  LaVoy Finicum was not armed when he was gunned down in cold blood by FBI, Inc. who had no authority to conduct road blocks.  These people shot at LaVoy’s truck head on and ran out in front of him while he was driving causing him to swerve and wreck his truck, then they blame him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released video on Thursday of state police murdering Finicum, and contended it showed him making a move for a gun in his coat pocket.  The “unedited” video they voluntarily  released, hours after Victoria Sharp’s eye witness testimony went public, showed the wrong date of 1/27/2016 instead of 1/26/2016 and the wrong time stamp.  It’d clearly been edited.  The part that contradicts the eye witness testimony is the part that is fake, I’ll give you 3 guesses which part that is?  Yep, he never lowered his hands or reached for anything.  The original footage needs to be released along with the orignal dash cam footage.

Charging?  Seriously?  “LaVoy was not ‘charging’ anyone, he was knee deep in snow.  He appears to have been shot in the back, with his hands in the air,” the family of the Arizona rancher said in a statement through their attorney.  “There was absolutely no justification for the murder of LaVoy Finicum.”

It is clear that Ammon Bundy and everyone falsey arrested needs to request a change of venue.  After this statement from their judge they are not going to get a fair trial.  “There are no conditions I could impose that would ensure the safety of the community. I’m worried about him occupying another government building,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman told the hearing in Portland.  Let’s see, how many times does it have to be states, there never was a safety issue, the only safety issues created were the doings of the fake FBI and fake Portland Police and if he wanted to go stay at another federally funded public building he has every right to do so.

After the false rearrest and imprisonment of The Hammonds, Bundy decided to take a stand and occupy Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, at least a dozen followers decided to stay at the refuge as well.  This dispute has been dubbed the Sagebrush Rebellion, a decades-old conflict over federal control of millions of acres of land in the West.

However, the real story that no one wants to report on is that Politicians currently in the White House, have already sold the uranium that is on the Hammond ranch to Russia.  The name of the company is Uranium1 and the name of the mining company is Willow Creek.  These Politicians and County officials are making billions in stealing ranches and then mining the land and giving kickbacks to dirty fellow Politicians and County officials.  The geological survey has now labeled water a mineral in order to steal water rights away from ranchers, although in order for a substance to be classified as a minerals, according to their own standards and definitions, it has to be a solid.  These ranchers have had water rights as far back as the 1800′s yet, their lands are being outright stolen from them based upon falsly classifying water as a mineral.  Finicum, from what this writer understands, had in his possession, patents and gelogical surveys he was going to file in court, which would have named names and pointed fingers and blown the whole thing wide open.

The FBI, Inc. had no authority to place road blocks or conduct traffic stops but did so in order to ambush and assasinate Finicum.  They released aerial video that showed officers shooting at him through his windshield causing him to swerve.  The video shows the officer jumping in front of his truck causing LaVoy to swerve almost hitting the officer as LaVoy’s truck came to rest on the unauthorized police barricade.  Police continued to shoot at the vehicle causing LaVoy to jump out to draw off the gun fire from the people in the truck in order to save them, one of which was an 18 year old girl, LaVoy had 11 children.  LaVoy Finicum is a hero.

The voluntarily released “edited” video shows what they want you to see, but it never happened that way according to two eye witness testimonies.  That is that Finicum got out of the vehicle, had his hands up, they shot him, he fell down and his hands were still up in the air, and they shot him some more.  But that’s not what they released, therefore, what they released is a lie.  It shows, Finicum raising his hands and then turning and flailing his arms. He then lowers his arms to his body and is shot by Oregon State Police troopers, the FBI said.  Plus, the date on the video is 1/27/2016 a whole 24 hours after the shooting.  Even the time stamp is wrong. In their haste to cover their tracks they were careless about the date and time stamp.

Greg Bretzing, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Portland office, told reporters Finicum can be seen reaching for his jacket pocket, where officers found a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun. But the lack of focus in the video makes it difficult to discern Finicum’s precise movements.  Againt that is an outright lie.  There are two eye witnesses that have stated, they know LaVoy left both of his handguns at the refuge before he left that day.  He had no weapons on his person.  Should the FBI produce a weapon, then they have taken it from the refuge, after he was already dead.  One of the eye witnesses has stated this for the record in a radio interview.  He was at the refuge before, during and after LaVoy was murdered, and in his possession were both LaVoys handguns and he is willing to testify to that in court.

“It’s looks like murder to me. They had every chance to take them peacefully,” said 54-year-old local resident Cam Ray.

A 79-year-old rancher, Monte Siegner, held a sign that read: “Ambushed and assassinated.”

“He got out with his hands up in the deep snow,” Siegner said. “I didn’t see any gun.”

The FBI video was released hours after Todd Macfarlane, a lawyer for Finicum’s relatives, said other evidence may exist that shows Finicum was not threatening authorities.

Macfarlane said one potential source of information about the shooting was Victoria Sharp, a woman who says she was friends with some of the armed protesters and claims she was at the scene and watched Finicum die.

Sharp said in an interview with Reuters that Finicum was shot with his gun in his holster and his hands in the air, shouting and walking toward police. Neither state nor federal law enforcement would comment on whether Sharp was at the scene or on her description.  Reuters was not able to independently confirm her version of the events.

Reuters was not able to independently confirm Victoria Sharp’s version of events?  Didn’t they just state in the previous paragraph she gave them an interview?  That’s right, because she NEVER spoke to them, let me repeat that, she never gave them an interview.  Therefore, she never told them Finicum was shot with his gun in his holster and his hands in the air, shouting and walking towards police.  Victoria Sharp was in fact at the scene, she never once said he had a gun.  She stated, he had his hands up, they shot him, he fell down, and his hands were still up, and they shot him some more.  They never tried to get him any medical attention because they never intended for him to live.  It’s all a big cover up.

I am a living breathing free woman standing on the land and claim my rigth to freedom of speech under the first amendmen of the original, organic, de jure Constitution FOR the United States of the Continental Republic.

Wynter Moon

3 thoughts on “The Motive Behind The Murder of LaVoy Finicum

  1. ‘Finicum, from what this writer understands, had in his possession, patents and gelogical surveys he was going to file in court, which would have named names and pointed fingers and blown the whole thing wide open.’………. LaVoy was also encouraging other ranchers to notify the BLM they would no longer submit to ‘grazing fees’ as LaVoy had recently done himself. On Lavoy’s website there is a 3 part interview with LaVoy…….a recommended listen

  2. “Finicum, from what this writer understands, had in his possession, patents and gelogical surveys he was going to file in court, which would have named names and pointed fingers and blown the whole thing wide open.”

    This is the best reason I’ve seen to explain the situation logically.

    Mammon extraction, as always.

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