The murder of George Floyd: Don’t take the race bait

The murder of George Floyd had nothing to do with the pigment of his skin.

There is the corporate ruling class, and then there are the rest of us, regardless of the pigment of our skin, whom they consider their subjects to do with as they please.

We don’t divide. We unite.

This unlawful corporate government (see Title 28, Definition 15) is a running violation of the supreme superior ratified law and jurisdiction of we the people called the Bill of Rights.

This is the death of Kelly Thomas. You will notice he is white and the mother f-kers murdering him are white. And every one of them was acquitted because the unlawful corporate aristocracy protects their unlawful private blackwater standing corporate police army because they want us beat into subjugation, regardless of the color of our skin.

We are American nationals of the American race and our skin comes in many colors. That which unites us is our supreme superior law and our individual jurisdiction under that law.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we who the elite seek to subjugate will destroy our enemy.

8 thoughts on “The murder of George Floyd: Don’t take the race bait

  1. .
    Thank you, Henry!!

    This message needs to go out far and wide. Those who buy in to the divide-and-conquer are a wet-dream for the oppressors. I see the media circus is already making it about race. A Jewish actress tweeted this:

    George Soros is partying over what this tortuous murder can do for his cause.

    Henry, I’ll send your message far as I can. Melanin has nothing on The Bill of Rights!!


  2. Damn right Henry nothing to do with race . And this is one of their tactics to keep us divide so we will not unite and take on them.

  3. Damn skippy, Henry. Fighting against your fellow inmate is counterproductive if you want to be free.

    They don’t discriminate about which color of slave they hold and my ammo doesn’t care what color our wannabe oppressors are either.

    You serve THEM if you combat your fellow man, as their contingency plans are based on what they deem to be the most desirable outcome for THEM, not YOU, idiot. Revolt, with them as the target, is the one thing they NEVER put on the plate.

    That worm has a sharp shiny hook in it. Choose wisely and know your enemy has thought waaay past your knee jerk responses, and if you do bite, you are aiding the enemy.

    Button up who you got to that’s in the way of being free. Color isn’t the defining factor, as tyrants and agents of tyrants don’t discriminate.

  4. I jus’ re-read Henry’s message here and found this embedded within it:

    “We don’t divide. We unite.”

    There it is. Those 5 words, a directive for empowering our stance against the common enemy. May it find its way into every community: black , white, and all shades of human.

    “We don’t divide. We unite.”

    We don’t divide. We unite.”

    We don’t divide. We unite.”


  5. “We, don’t divide, we unite”….Now that’s a calling banner…if I still airbrushed t-shirts like I did in the 80s….thanks, Henry!

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