The Need for the Global Currency Reset

Final Wakeup Call

The Danger of Bogus Economics

A crash in the stock market now would immediately be followed by a recession. Unemployment would soar, the Dow would be cut in half. Voters would say to each other, unaware that what was unfolding was due to incompetence and deception, ‘it’s Trump’s fault’ and they would promptly elect Ms. Warren as the next elect Ms. Warren as the next President of the USA, although the whole game is humbug.

And then, what would happen next? Here is where it gets interesting. If despite President Trump’s magic wand, the market crashes before the 2020 election, odds are that President Trump will lose to Ms. Warren. If Mr. Market holds his fire, on the other hand, President Trump has decent odds of re-election.

But, it hardly matters economically, because when the crisis comes President Trump or Ms. Warren will react in about the same way. Both will be faced with an inflate-or-die trap. And neither wants to see their career die. Besides, each has the same tools to work with; inflation, price rigging and boondoggles. And both have a whole gaggle of enabling economists, who maintain that stimulating the economy is the only way to go.

The first shock, will be coming soon, the fake world of fake money and fake interest rates will collide with the real world. Debts will deflate; along with stocks, real estate, and more. Then comes the second shock, caused by the Central Banks’ response to the first shock. Remember, it’s Inflate or Die. They will not hold back, inflating the economy with both monetary and fiscal stimuli. And, unless something really weird happens, it will lead to an a hyper-inflationary crisis.

The Federal Reserve, like the ECB already does, will soon resume purchases of short-term U.S. Treasury bonds to expand its balance sheet in the hope of preventing a repeat of the recent disruption in overnight “repo” markets, said chairman Jay Powell. Well, the good news is that if inflation is what they want, inflation is what they’ll get. But not necessarily the tame, friendly, controlled inflation they are hoping for. The monetary inflation that the Fed is pushing for, will soon will be followed by fiscal inflation, because of bigger deficits.

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  1. I’ve been hearing for a good 12 yrs. that Neil Keenan is getting close to opening those accounts. We’ll see.

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