The “No, by God, You Will Not Disarm and Enslave Me” Movement Rises to Power

The American people have put their foot down and asserted in no uncertain terms that we will not be disarmed by the soviet socialist insurgent occupying forces.  The dead headed communists, being dead headed communists, have been listening to their own propaganda for too long and now we are seeing panic.

The fraudulent opinion polls are meant only for the consumption of the goyim.  This being said, make no mistake, the elite at the top have their own ears to the streets and they know the temper of the American people and the fact that the propaganda is failing miserably.

Just like with the grass roots Tea Party and Occupy movements, a new power has arisen in this land, more powerful than any other ever seen on this planet.  It is the “No, by God, you will not disarm and enslave me” movement.  And now, just like with the grassroots Tea Party and Occupy movement, we are seeing a mad scramble to infiltrate, harness, and control this new power.

The NRA was moved into place by the neo-con national socialists back when this new movement started to explode, just in case the propaganda failed to quell the uprising.  Wayne LaPierre, with a look of total panic and fear, finally stepped up a week after Sandy Hook and record gun sales and declared that the NRA would not back any attempts at gun confiscations, including universal background checks, which he had previously endorsed.

People, our numbers are unfathomable.  We ourselves have yet to realize what a powerful force we have become and this Kraken, which has awoken and been provoked, is right now completely uncontrollable, as it consists of 40 million heavily armed, pissed off Americans who have flushed the fraudulent system and are now thinking for themselves as individuals.

We are now seeing a petty attempt by the neo-cons to infiltrate and create a leadership that can be corrupted, as Rand Paul and Sarah Palin are declaring themselves to be our leaders and are taking up our mantra.

I do expect Alex Jones to start praising and advocating Rand Paul as our new conservative, pro-gun, natural leader.  We cannot forget that that dirty little bastard stuck the knife in our back when he denounced his own father and embraced the neo-cons in 2012 or his recent trip to Israel to take a knee and kiss the ring of King Netanyahu.

As for Sarah Palin, just look at the Israeli flag pin she is wearing.

These infiltrators will now start to back everything we back and oppose everything we oppose and then, when we are victorious, they will hail themselves as having led us to victory and then claim a mandate from us, which will be designed to destroy everything we have worked for.

I already know we are smarter than this, but I will remind you where our power comes from and that is the fact that we are individuals, by the millions.  The only way we can be pacified is as individuals.

This is an attempted hijacking and must be treated as such.  Make no mistake, when it fails, it will be all out war.  When these evil parasites fail to control us through duplicity, all they will have left is force.  Their application of force will fail as it will be too little, too late.  And they know they are too little, otherwise they would not be trying such a radical shift at the very instant they were portraying a united communist front, determined to disarm us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

40 thoughts on “The “No, by God, You Will Not Disarm and Enslave Me” Movement Rises to Power

  1. I can’t agree more Henry. When I saw Sarah Palins comments yesterday I was thinking these very thoughts. God bless us all in the coming times.

      1. Hi robertsgt40,


        I simplify it even further:

        Once you understand who is behind it, you then merely need to understand their philosophy*.

        Once you understand their philosophy, you understand their Strategy,

        Once you once understand their strategy, you can then understand/predicate their tactics,

        Once you understand their tactics, you can then spot each of their efforts as they materialize.

        Once we spot these hallmarks of their efforts,.. we can then guage exactly where they are in their overall success.

        Let there be no doubt in anyones mind,.. so far,.. these morally repugnant wealthy elite, and their CEO, the Rothchilds, are succeeding, but people are now waking up to their debauchary and are reaching the point where our sense of Justice that has held us back, is converting into recognition of their Injustice and the need to hold them responsible for their crimes against humanity.

        And so it shall be.

        *Note: Do not confuse philosophy of these self annoited Demi-gods as having ANY reflection our moral or ethical beliefs,.. The belief system of these self proclaimed demi-gods will not, do not, have any counterpart in the belief systems of moral and ethical peoples.

        JD – US Marines – The Kraken Of Patriotism is awakening a little more each day,… and the PIC (Pyschos-In-Charge) know it!

  2. May Fox news burn in hell for spewing the BS over these last years as well. Already their ratings are dropping faster than a wingless pink elephant. Hanity and O’Reilly are both down double digits. The masses are starting to wake up and shake the sleep out of their eyes.

    May the filthy rich elite scum bags who have cheated their way to the top drown in Bloomberg sewer waste.

  3. Yep, as soon as I saw that article yesterday about Sarah Palen my mind rushed back to when her and others hijacked the Tea Party movement. Good eye, Henry!

  4. The author makes some excellent points here. They DO have their finger on the pulse of the nation, and they’re always ready to install one of theirs pretending to be one of ours as a new “leader.”

    No person presently involved with the U.S. political system can remain there, because presently no person can rise to any significant position unless they’re working for the Zionists. I happen to believe that even Ron Paul was a deep-cover mole who was kept around just in case public sentiment went strongly against the status quo. He was unleashed as a presidential candidate to allow a segment of the population to blow off some steam, but they were surprised at just how much steam there was, so his candidacy was killed, and more drastic measures embarked upon, such as the panicked rush to disarm everyone.

    You have to remember that these people study the science of controlling populations, and it’s important that you see things from their perspective to know what they’re up to. A good way to learn to understand their actions would be to read “The Discourses” by Nicolo Machiavelli. (not “The Prince”, which is how colleges bury his teachings) The first ten books of Livy (just two penguin classic paperbacks today) will give you the necessary historical background to better grasp “The Discourses.” (full title: “The Discourses on the first ten books of Titus Livy”) This will give you much better insight into how these lunatics operate.

    1. Excellent recommendations. Both books The Discourses and The History of Rome taken together are good for reference. Everything that went on back then can be seen happening again today. It seems the more things change the more they stay the same.

    2. Dead on about the Ron Paul thing. I felt from the start of his first campaign that all was not as it seemed. Was just to good to be true.
      Like Henry alluded to, they seem to supply the “Perfect Savior” for the moment when the tea pot starts whistling.

      As my dear old Pappy used to say….”if voting actually changed anything…they would outlaw it.


      Good catch Henry

  5. But can she still see the rooskies from her bathroom or some such nonsense, I can not stand dumb women and this one made my head hurt in about 2 minutes and then the other michelle bachman thingy they paraded in front of us were just two very sad examples of the american women in leadership positions. Dont even get me started on that thing of slick willies.brrrrrrrrrrr

      1. ???? What makes you say that? He’s been posting on here for a long time. You seem new to this site. Please explain your reasoning for thinking Steve is a troll.

  6. Look how quickly Sarah Palin “whore for Israel” was dispatched to infiltrate & hijack the Tparty.
    The “chosen” tribe are all too aware that the goyim are waking up to their Pro Israel, federal reserve racket & the Jewish dominated gun grabbing attempts & are rapidly putting the brakes on it.

  7. “People, our numbers are unfathomable. We ourselves have yet to realize what a powerful force we have become and this Kraken, which has awoken and been provoked, is right now completely uncontrollable, as it consists of 40 million heavily armed, pissed off Americans who have flushed the fraudulent system and are now thinking for themselves as individuals.”

    Well stated article! It will be a leaderless Revolution.

    1. Hi inretorspect,


      40 million strong,.. and growing bigger each and every day!

      To ALL Americans –

      Tell your friends!

      Tell your neighbors!

      Tell your family!

      The Fedcoats are coming!

      To Arms!,.. To Arms!

      This time, it is NOT just about America, but the entire world of free people is in the balance,.. and We The People of America,.. are the final line of defense.

      If we can’t stop them,… no one will be able to!

      We have no choice in the matter,… failure means disarmament, slavery, extermination!,.. therefore,..

      Failure Is NOT An Option,.. PERIOD.

      JD – US Marines – Be smart, be safe, and wait for the REAL moment of execution,… not the one the neocons will try to trick us with as “alertasawlays” describes just below!

      1. JD: More than just the “entire world of free people is in the balance,.. and We The People of America,.. are the final line of defense”, my readings in the area of psychopathy/sociopathy have brought me to the conclusion that the genetic future of humanity is at stake. The Machiavellians currently running the show are a relatively new type of human with different brain structures lacking in any conscience — they can do ANYTHING with no sense of guilt or shame. They are not concealing their desire to wipe out 90% of humanity; what they aren’t saying is who they intend to keep: themselves. The genetic result of success in their endeavor will be permanent: Planet of the Psychopaths. As we all know here, they MUST be stopped.

  8. Stay the course.
    Stay educational.
    Avoid hysterics.
    Avoid statements that preempt the progression.
    Stay smart. Stay firm. Stay strong. Avoid histrionics.
    Know the false flags are coming.
    Know the provocateurs attempt to surround you.
    Do not fall for the false flag politicians (Rand Paul and Sarah Palin), even as they justify your positions. They are parrots/puppets who work for the criminals. Just like the gun grabbers.
    The PTB run scared because the bamboozle no longer baffles. People are angry because their country and rights have been stolen (temporarily).
    Note the crypto Michael Savage on Alex Jones attempting to yet again remake his corrupt role from neocon liar to libertarian sounding the clarion call. Michael Savage the libertarian does not fit. Michael Savage the authoritarian liar fits. Once a neocon, always a neocon. Savage is a stooge and a warmonger. Also, note the crashing numbers of neocon Rush and the hugely unprofitable corporate radio of Rush.
    Savage/Rush/Hannity/O’Reilly in bed with the neocon arm of the Republicans who allowed 911 to be ushered in with all of the resulting criminality, undeclared wars, unconstitutional treasonous acts.

  9. Well this is just the dumbest damned idea ever. Who cares if they put their talking heads in the mix? What they want requires physical action and when they attempt to implement it, 90% of them will go home in body bags. The 2nd Amendment cannot be defeated by words, it cannot be co-opted, it cannot be dissolved by words. It can only be over-come by force and We the People have a lot more force, numbers and will than any army in the world. So F them, let them play their silly law games, let their zionist masters attempt to win this war by deciet. They will end up six feet under and with tired jaws from wagging their lips non-stop over the next few years.

  10. My Fellow Patriots:

    It is clear that the Kraken-Of-Patriotism is slowly awaking!

    It is not fully awake yet,.. but it is slowly coming to consciousness, and senses a terrible wrong has been done to it!

    When this monster of awesome and frightening power is fully awake,… even I fear what it may do in its anger!

    Let us make every effort to ensure that it destorys only that which has provoked it, and has sought to destroy this country and a great peoples.

    Even Nixon undrstood a simple principle:

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, or some of the people all the time,… but you can NOT fool ALL the people ALL the time!”

    Those who can not be fooled have sought out the facts, and have found not only have we Americans been lied to, but have been manipulated, stolen from, cheated, abused and even murdred by a leadership that has become wholly pyschotic and criminal in every thought, intent and action!

    We Americans have the gift of hindsight to be able to look back and see ALL of this has been done to populations, time and time again,.. and the outcome to such despotism is ALWAYS complete tyranny,.. and then mass murder by a peoples own government.

    Such is the case now, where we have a gov’t that has been wholly infiltrated, communist insurgents, as Henry has so rightfully pointed out thousands of times, Communists that are backed by the International Banksters, the MICC (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex,… Eisenhower’s original term), and corrupted by Isreal as well as the shear internal avarice and greed of the politicians that seek out their favors.

    Let these traitors, criminals and cheats be the flesh that the Kraken feeds on!

    Let us help this monster of awesome power find the guilty, and watch it destroy them.

    Let us understand the anger, hate and revenge it will seek, is justified!

    We must then be careful to calm the monster after it has consumed the quilty, the wicked, and destroyed the destroyers.

    Then,.. we must help the monster to calm down, to go back to sleep so the rebuilding of our country can begin anew.

    We must then be ernest to learn from the mistakes that allowed traitors, criminals and syncophants to bring our country to the edge of ruin, and put new, and better safeguards in place to punish any such attempt from ever happening again.

    I pray to be one of the people that will be around to help rebuild, and guide our nation back to health,.. but there is still a fight that needs to be fought,.. and I hear God tell me that I am needed there first and foremost.

    So be it.

    JD – US Marines – Long Live The Kraken!

    1. We all need to get this book and learn it!

      The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of “the Militia of the Several States” (Constitutional Homeland Security) [CD-ROM]
      Edwin Vieira Jr. (Author)

      The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of the Militia of the several States is a comprehensive CD-ROM study-2,304 pages in length, with 6,544 footnotes and endnotes-of the constitutional and statutory history of Americas Militia, which gives special emphasis to the unique and indispensable rôle of the Militia as the institutions through which WE THE PEOPLE themselves ultimately provide, or withhold, the consent of the governed upon which this countrys form of government depends for its legitimacy. The Sword and Sovereignty derives the basic legal and practical principles of the Militia from a detailed study of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of Rhode Island and Virginia selected, for reasons the book makes clear, as exemplars of what happened throughout America in that era. It explains how these principles are embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and how they should be applied in the operation of Americas true federal system of government-indeed, why it is Congresss and every States duty to see to the organization of, and every Americans personal duty to participate in, the Militia, more imperatively now than ever before. It exposes the dangerous fallacy in the contemporary individual-rights misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, and explains how the Supreme Courts Heller decision reduced Americans right * * * to keep and bear Arms to a level far below what their forebears enjoyed when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified. And it examines ways in which revitalized Militia of the several States could, should, and if they were properly revitalized would deal with many of the most pressing contemporary problems this country faces-such as the correction of rogue public officials the supervision of the the military-industrial complex the conduct of honest elections the provision of an alternative currency, etc.

  11. My son was in his first year of college when 911 happened. I told him then that the whole world would change as a result. Of course, he lapped up the whole government story and each time he would come home from school we would discuss the latest in world happenings. He would call me a “conspiracy nut” because I didn’t accept the official story re: 911. As the years went by I kept chipping away at his beliefs that the goverment couldn’t possibly perpetrate 911 upon it’s own people and was able to convince him eventually that the government is not our friend. He is an attorney now and tells me that he wouldn’t dare approach the subject with his partners. I believe there are millions of enlightened people out there that are afraid of losing their job if the truth of their beliefs be told. Is there anyway to help the ones too afraid to say anything w/o being labeled a conspiracy nut? Maybe the non-stop attack on our bill of rights will be enough. I hope so.

  12. Right on again, Henry!

    But I am not as optimistic as you appear to be with regard to Americans not biting on the Rand Paul-Sarah Palin “leadership” crap…To even think Rand disgustingly supported Romney over his own dad makes him singularly disqualified to lead any movement. But I am afraid too many Americans will buy into his neo-con BS wrapped in the Constitution. Ron Paul won’t do it, but he needs to denounce his son…that’s the only way people will not fall for Rand Paul.

    I do hope I am wrong and freedom lovers do NOT allow Rand Paul or Palin to lead us.

  13. I was listening to right wing talk radio this A.M. and Rand Paul was saying he never should have voted the way he did in light of how things are turning out. I say what a scumbag. Henry’s absolutely right with Rand Paul and Sarah Palin’s motives, and we need to call these bastards on it!

  14. I am kicking off a new business venture: Guillotines R Should be a smashing success!! Only for HEADS OF STATE. Financiers needed

  15. The most positive and uplifting article and comments I’ve read in a long time, America is indeed the last stand against total global tyrany, I’m fearfull though , watch out for the bios plus microwaves , they’ve been weakening our immune systems for decades plus filling us up with metals [titanium dioxide in sun screen and any white tablet is coloured with it] perhaps when you’ve cleaned house you can help us out with our isreali NWO as* lickers down here

  16. Another great article, Henry. I had no idea the furor that Palin article would raise. I just basically looked at as another brain-dead bimbo politician (although a mighty fine looking one at that, contrary to the norm) informing the sheeple of a fact that we’ve known all along. But after further analysis, it IS far more nefarious than it appeared to be on the surface. The plot thickens.

    btw, are you really a troll? (still LMAO over that one)

    Also, is your tongue really green, or is that just a vicious unfounded rumor started by some (un-named) poster here on From the Trenches?

    Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    1. Hey #1 That diogenes guy started that troll stuff on Henry this a.m. and I just had to throw it up hoping to get Henry to smile as lately he sounds grouchier than me and thats pretty damn grouchy.Im sure he knows its all in good fun. I dont know where that silly assed cop got his green tongue edumacation from probably from “police acadamy”

    2. So, I’m a green tongued troll now, huh? With friends like you guys, no wonder I’m such a grouchy old bastard. LOL
      By the way, where I live we are up to our neck in the best green bud in the nation as there are marijuana farms everywhere. Which begs the question, why am I such a grouchy old bastard? Maybe I wouldn’t be if I had the time to turn my tongue green and maybe that fellow in Washington could have avoided all that trouble if he would have had the good sense to hide his tongue behind a mic. 🙂

          1. What?, do I have to come out there now Henry, LOL Just kidding ya know.I am homesick ya know………P.S. Maybe someday I`ll find a way to afford a trip back out your way to visit GOD`S COUNTRY again. It has been a while, bro.

    3. “Also, is your tongue really green, or is that just a vicious unfounded rumor started by some (un-named) poster here on From the Trenches? ”
      Hey, I resemble that remark!

  17. Please don’t forget the many Americans outside the US who are watching
    and monitoring the situation very carefully. Many of us are ready to
    lend support to remove the satanic grip of Israel/Rothschild and send them and their minions into the pit. Many of us are preparing accordingly.

    I don’t welcome the fight, but I will certainly fight the fight!


  18. I’ve been saying for years that Sarah Palin is a Judas Iscariot who sold America for 30 pieces of designer clothing. The neocons are all TRAITORS. ROMneocon would have attacked our RIGHTS faster then Obama.

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