The NRA’s RINO Endorsements

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RINOs are having a field day so far in the 2014 Republican primaries. Conservative imposters like Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, Mike Simpson in Idaho, and Thom Tillis in North Carolina are all pulling away from (or have already defeated) their Tea Party challengers. Even Thad Cochran is starting to put distance between himself and Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.

And what do McConnell, Simpson, Cochran, and Tillis have in common, besides being phonies?

All four of them were endorsed by the NRA.

The NRA’s political leaders are traitors to conservatives and gun owners. Their political agenda has very little to do with guns and even less to do with helping the conservative cause. All that the NRA cares about is power. They will back any candidate who they think will become a successful Washington dealmaker.

This year, the NRA is supporting RINOs in Republican primaries all over the United States. They have donated more money to Mitch McConnell than any other candidate in the country. McConnelldoesn’t even own a gun, and he has voted against gun rights repeatedly.

The NRA also endorsed Thad Cochran and Mike Simpson, who are also weak on guns. Cochran supported Joe Biden’s crime bill in the 1991. In 2004, and he supported Barbara Boxer’s efforts to prohibit the sale of guns without government approved safety devices. Simpson has voted for requiring background checks at gun shows and requiring all newly purchased handguns to come with trigger locks.

The NRA’s most recent RINO darling is Thom Tillis, the Republican nominee for US Senate in North Carolina. Tillis is not just a moderate — he isn’t even pro-gun. In the North Carolina legislature he supported permit-to-purchase requirements and fought against restaurant carry. In a debate earlier this year, he said “you can’t put a gun in the hand of someone who represents a danger to themselves or to society.” Yet the NRA still gave Tillis an A+ rating and poured money into his primary election, helping him defeat Tea Partier Greg Brannon.

The NRA is a big reason why conservative candidates are struggling in this year’s election. Uninformed voters just assume that the NRA only supports pro – gun conservatives. Conservatives and gun owners need to realize the NRA’s true agenda before we let them betray us again.

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  1. That’s because Christopher Cox runs the NRA as a GOP PAC instead of the unabashed gun rights organization we pay our membership dues for!

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