The NSA, who runs it?

I knew about Echelon years ago and now we have this.  The NSA’s “The Program.”  They are wrong about how huge this story really is.  It is gargantuan.  The proper question to ask, is the NSA under control by government administrators, or is the agency on its own course and destiny, beyond administration supervision?  I ask this because information is power, and Herman Goering, who had his own NSA spy agency, the Forschungsamt (FA), which was one of the most closely guarded secrets in Nazi Germany.  Goering used his agency to set a private agenda to steer der fuhrer, Adolf Hitler down a path that Hitler was not cognizant of, but Goering was.  That brings up the question, who really was running Germany?  Goering or Hitler?  

Goering in his asides to confidants snickered that he got Hitler to do his, Goering’s bidding without realizing it, and that Goering’s private NSA, his own spy agency was key to directing Hitler, as it provided credible intelligence and  information that Hitler was pre-inclined to believe or act on.

Contextually, the same thing applies here.  Who ran Bush and who is running the bummer man?  If you have the power to cook the books on intelligence issues to drive a political trajectory, then who is to assure that the ingredients used are of the highest quality and true to the nature of the recipe?

Notice how military, and intelligence failures of any sort are used as utilitarian rationales to evade the intent of the US Constitution and to circumvent the Bill of Rights…this rests with the so-called Commander in Chief principle, which is exactly the same rationale used by the Nazis…”der fuhrerprinzip.”

Essentially, the fuhrerprinzip reduces to this application… The Führer as the leader and protector of the German nation implies that his word is ABOVE all written law and that governmental policies, decisions, and offices work toward the realization of this end. In actual political usage, it refers mainly to the practice of dictatorship in the vein of executive orders skirting the Congress’ power to make law, but to supplement it or to exceed it for private political purposes enshrining the worldview of one man.

 In sum, due to ingrained human failures, intelligence rivalries, private agendas, and too much reliance on copious data of dubious value, Hitler and his inner core became victims of a planned assassination attempt and coup implemented by German resistance units that intelligence agencies had failed to identify or to comprehend.

This lesson is clear, despite the omniscience  of the Gestapo, the implementation of the fuhrerprinzip, the reach of the German Signals Intelligence Service that monitored all interior signals in Germany, the SD (Nazi Party intelligence), German military intelligence, the intelligence divisions of the RSHA and of Goering’s own FA, nobody saw Colonel Stauffenberg coming with his bombs.

Consequently, if these huge intelligence agencies and enormous programs are emplaced as primary intelligence tools, and they have proven not to work, what then is their true purpose?

I leave you to draw your own conclusions…


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