The Planned Financial Collapse Of The World

World Events and the Bible

Today, our world is faced with an unprecedented crisis. What started out as fear over the Coronavirus has turned into a power grab by the world’s nations and organizations. In order to understand the dilemma we face, we must understand how we arrived at this pivotal point in world history. 

Before we proceed, I want to make two points extremely clear.

  1. The coronavirus is a real virus that has killed real people. However, the kill rate for those infected by Coronavirus is 2%, merely double the seasonal cold and flu. So that is why we have referred to this as a manufactured crisis. The response does not warrant the problem.
  2. This is not about one nation making a power play over another. This is not about Socialism, Communism, or Capitalism. This is not about Republican or Democrat. This is not about the East verse the West. This is about globalization, and where we go from here.

As we begin this critical discussion, I want you to understand everything I will outline documents and explains coordinated global efforts. I guarantee you, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, our nation and world will forever change. In the very least, we will see further erosion of our freedoms and rights. In order to understand this, we must understand historical events to make sense of today.

History: The 1940s

While the League of Nations was formed after the first World War, it was not until the mid-1940s that globalism truly began to rear its ugly head. The League of Nations gave rise to the United Nations, and just months before, a new financial system was established, known as the Bretton Woods Agreement. This new system was designed to“promote international trade and development” and brought us the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. While Bretton Woods was dissolved, the system it established lived on.

This is important to understand, a world crisis gave rise to a completely new global financial order that forever changed the world.

Of course, these new global entities were funded by the nations of the world, with the United States providing 30% of their annual budgets. While our American heritage is anti-globalist, many would be horrified to realize we have created these globalist monsters.

We should note, since the founding of these and other global organizations, there has never been another World War. Further, the main conflicts we have witnessed have been against nations that have not complied with the new financial order that was established back in the mid-1940s.

Summary: History has proven, people will accept just about anything for a perceived peace. They will accept new financial systems and much more if they perceive the alternative will negatively affect them.

September 11, 2001

On this date, the nation and world forever changed. That morning, terrorists hijacked airliners and crashed them into the Twin Towers in New York, or so the official story explained.

This event became the catalyst for the “War on Terrorism” and the massive expansion of the U.S. Government which diminished the rights of the people.

Americans easily conceded to new sweeping regulations all in the name of peace and safety. The other nations of the world quickly followed suit, and also eroded the rights of their own citizens as the nations quickly launched the surveillance state. This led to the infamous wiretapping program that we all came to know about, but shamefully cared little for.


We were told it was a necessary evil to protect our freedoms from the terrorists. Unfortunately, we willingly gave up our freedoms in the name of peace and safety, something Benjamin Franklin warned us of…

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

After the attacks on 9/11, the U.S. Government launched an invasion on Afghanistan rallying a nation. Shortly after, Saddam Hussain of Iraq was deemed an enemy of our country and was attacked and removed from power.

You see, Iraq and Afghanistan were not apart of the global financial order established in the 1940s. Therefore, the globalists were consolidating power around the globe and using the most awesome world power that has ever existed. American’s were being fooled while being blanketed in Patriotism of the Red, White and Blue banner.

The War on Terror transformed into a humanitarian war, when a manufactured civil war broke out in Syria. The roots of humanitarian intervention come from globalist George Soros, and the U.S. essentially spearheaded the project. Over the years reports surfaced the U.S. was funding the “rebels” in Syria, other reports would explain there were no “rebels” in Syria, only terrorists seeking to remove Syria’s President Basher Assad from power, (see: The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS).

Around the same time, Libya suddenly had their own problems and Mummer Gaddafi was killed by “rebel” terrorists. Interestingly enough, Gaddafi was seeking to establish a new currency for a good portion of Africa based on gold. He was attempting to buck the globalist trend. Yes, you guessed it. Libya and Syria were not playing with the global powers established in the mid-1940s, and they had to be dealt with.

While Syria’s Assad still clings to power, his nation is in utter chaos. Chaos that led to millions of refugees finding a new home in Europe, forever changing the continent by mixing Christians and Muslims in a massive culture clash.

Summary: The goal all along was to remove leaders from power in nations who were not apart of the globalist agenda. In the end, these wars would simply be a stepping stone to Iran, better said, it would define Which Path To Persia


The nation of Iran remains one of the biggest obstacles for the globalists to overcome. While Muslim nations used to bond together, those bonds have been broken by the globalists. Some of the examples being what we have covered so far.

For more than 20 years the world has been told Iran was moments away from developing and acquiring a nuclear weapon. We were told there were sleeper cells in the U.S. waiting to set off their suitcase nukes to destroy our way of life. Those lies have continued to build in our mind over the generations. Slowly but surely, never forgetting, Iran is the enemy of the world.

Christians who believe Israel consists of the 12 Tribes of Israel have rushed to the defense of the Jewish nation. After all, we have been told Iran wants to exterminate the Jews. The truth be told, Iran is home to the largest concentration of Jews outside of Israel.

When we stop and think for ourselves, we discover Iran is not a threat to the world, only a threat to the globalist cabal and in the way of total global domination. That is, unless we consider Iran’s Navy of speed boats, or their Air Force consisting of ancient U.S. F-5s a threat, not to mention Iran’s lackluster drones

As we read the news headlines of today, we see a world that has placed economic sanctions covering every aspect of Iran’s ability to provide for its people. Even down to medical supplies. Coincidentally enough, several of Iran’s senior leaders, including an Ayatollah have died due to the Coronavirus, a strand according to reports that is far more deadly than other strains found around the world.

The ensuing panic caused by governments across the globe has now sent the global financial system into shock. This has also caused oil to plummet in value, a critical commodity Iran uses to fund its government, a commodity that brings in 80% of their income.

This appears to be planned economic warfare against a sovereign nation…

Summary: Iran is the primary obstacle in the way of the global financial orders domination of the world. Without all nations apart of one financial system, there cannot be peace. Since global powers have an enemy who will denounce it, Iran must be removed to ensure global order is unchallenged, and can move to the next level.

Governments Have Caused The Coronavirus Panic

That now brings us to the present, the current global financial crisis that has been thrust upon the world over the Coronavirus. A virus that has only killed 11,000 people globally as of this writing. To put that in perspective, every year in the United States roughly 50,000 people die from the seasonal flu according to the Center for Disease Control.

Moreover, as of this writing, only 230 Americans have died due to Coronavirus. I hope you are scratching your head, you should be. The response we are seeing from governments and organizations across the world is not proportionate to the Coronavirus threat.

Despite these simple facts, less than two weeks ago the World Health Organization (founded: 1948) categorized the Coronavirus as a global pandemic. Global financial markets instantly began to collapse. From there the mainstream media along with the nations of the world created even more panic, as if our leaders were replaced with children, (Isaiah 3:4).

No efforts have been made to calm the public, only scare them and explain they should wash their hands to avoid being infected with the Coronavirus. The same advice Mom has been giving us since we were born.

Days later, President Trump declared a National Emergency over the Coronavirus that had only killed 50 people in the country, an unprecedented step considering 25,000 people had died from the seasonal flu, typical numbers I might add.

Days prior to this announcement, Donald Trump explained how the Coronavirus was being overblown. Obviously, Trump had changed his tune, and panicked a nation documenting how easily he can and has been manipulated.

The ensuing panic created by the governments of the world and mainstream media has now dropped the U.S. Stock Market by 35% in just two weeks, wiping out trillions of dollars in American wealth. The same governments causing the panic quickly offered solutions to repair the problems they manufactured. We have seen this escalate in unprecedented fashion by the nations of the world in near unison.

We have all read the headlines. Italy, France, Spain and now Britain have locked down their nations removing the rights of their people. All in the name of peace and safety to protect us from this “hidden enemy”.

This has caused global financial markets to fall further. Central Banks around the world stepped in by pumping trillions of dollars into the financial system. The U.S. Federal Reserve (read it) slashed interest rates to zero and pumped trillions into the markets to try and revive the dying patient.

Strangely enough, since October of last year the Federal Reserve has been pumping billions into the system, a clear sign the financial system was beginning to fracture already. The Coronavirus has simply been the catalyst used to move a collapse further.

As the days grew on, so did the level of panic world governments caused. The CDC explained 1.7 million Americans could die of Coronavirus. The U.S. Treasury added we face 20% unemployment if the government does not bail out the nation. The same financial cries we heard back in 2008.

The U.S Government and world drilled phrases into our mind like “social distancing”, a line and scenario they stole from the movie “Contagion”. States begin to issue “shelter in place” orders, a token phrase first used during the Boston Bombings, as if we were being set up for a future event.

Globally, schools, restaurants and other businesses have been shuttered, as if it was a designed chain reaction. Then the states begin to lock down their citizens. California was first, then New York and Illinois in an attempt to stop the Coronavirus, yet, McDonald’s remains open.

Unprecedented steps over the deaths of just 29 people combined in those states.

The U.S. Government has already passed a bailout package to save us all from the mass panic they have created, with more bailouts on the way. More troubling, the U.S. is now seeking more powers to track you, and Politico explains,

Under regulations revised and reissued just before Trump entered office, the government can stop and seize any plane, train or automobile to stymie the spread of contagious disease. Some even interpret the statute as meaning a president could deploy the military to cordon off a city or state.

Made possible when we ignore the Consitution of course.

Also add, Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act which gives him the authority to order private corporations for emergency responses. A manufactured war against the microscopic Coronavirus which has killed 25,000% less than the seasonal flu.

We now have reports stating, U.S. President Donald Trump may lock down the entire country for 2 weeks, only allowing movement for food and medicine…

Does any of this make sense to you?

Summary: Yes, the Coronavirus is real, yet its 2% kill rate does not warrant locking down the world. Further, firearms are disappearing from the shelves at a record pace. People are scared, and their governments are causing the panic.

What Comes Next…

There can be no doubt, we have arrived at a pivotal moment in world history, one that will forever change the course of the world.

We could very well be experiencing a carefully choreographed soft collapse of the global financial system. This could not come at a more opportune time, like a good desgined plan. The nations of the world, corporations, and people are in record debt. In the U.S., the Baby Boomers are retiring, an estimated 73 million people just in time for their retirements to vanish, so they can become impoverished as well.

It would appear, everyone is being set up for a great fall, a fall that could be so great the world will need an economic reset…

The precedent for what we now face was set in 2008, when the whole world was bailed out. Yet, Central Bankers said, there would be little they could do to save us from a future crisis, a crisis that is now unfolding.

As we have explained, with every world catastrophe, the powers that be have presented the people with a way out. A way to save them from their troubles and misery, but it always comes with a price. The resignation of some of our rights. Yet, through history, the people have gladly accepted the solutions placed before them, as the alternative that was carefully crafted against them was much worse.

It is only reasonable to consider, the master planners have decided the global financial system initiated 75 years ago has run its course, and they are ready for a new financial system they will have more control over. A financial system that will more closely unify the globe. We just may have an agenda unfolding against the people of the world. An agenda brought forward by Satan’s children at the highest levels, which trickle down, and are executed by our foolish leaders.

World Events and the Bible

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