The Power of the Individual

Early this morning I got to thinking about the CD Project. It was Misty I recall that requested of Henry to put together a presentation so she could use it as a teaching tool for her grand children.

That project is Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained by Henry Shivley.

Like the rest of the Trenchers I tuned in every day as Henry thoroughly explained each of the ten Articles while at the same time pointed out violations to those Articles we witness today. 

It wasn’t long after the entire presentation I had the idea to put them together on one disc. After getting Henry’s permission I did just that and began burning discs.

Yesterday Hal posted at the Trenches ‘Books of Interest’. I clicked on that link and posted this comment:

‘Why you need us’: points 3 and 4: ‘

‘We have used narrative influence to collapse adversary strengths before the inception of conflict.’

‘We have demonstrated a winning narrative is more powerful than any billion dollar weapons systems and has the potential for enduring effect.’

GET IT? What is the narrative? The Bill of Rights Is Supreme Law! The Bill of Rights Is Supreme Law! The Bill of Rights Is Supreme Law! KNOW The Law! LIVE The Law! Enforce The Law! Your life depends on it.

It is my opinion that now is a most opportune time to change the narrative that so many have been sucked into, fill in the blank vs fill in the blank. I think people are ready for The Remedy to the unlawful corporate entities and foreign occupiers destroying their lives and this nation. They just have to be reminded the power was theirs all along.

Along with the CD I suggest people obtain (hard copy) books that provide the real history of our struggle for freedom. Most of what was taught in school were lies. The lies continue to be taught.

To every individual who has obtained the CD(s) and also handed them out, thank you.

A special thank you to Misty who by a simple request started a project that along with FTTWR IS changing the narrative.

To Henry, there are no words my friend to describe the impact you have had on my life. Much gratitude to you for taking the time to put your presentation together for our benefit.

Like so many, I may not make it through this war. Either way I will know the reason for my victory or my defeat. I have to fight any way I can. Not to do so would bring me to a state of shame and that would be most unbearable to my soul.

Thank you to each and every individual who walks in Truth and shares it always.

6 thoughts on “The Power of the Individual

  1. Excellent mary! And I see that requests for the CD’s appear to be exploding. Not bragging, but my understanding of who I am as an American national, my ownership of the property within our borders, my absolute sovereignty, and understanding of the supreme ratified law, the BILL OF RIGHTS has put me light years ahead of my peers in this fight for the reinstatement of that Bill of Rights and our common law. I share with people often the truth and solution yet it appears to fall on deaf ears. That’s gonna have to be ok, but I will hold dear MY INDIVIDUAL rights as guaranteed in that document, period! Thanks for writing this and thanks to Henry for being the unselfish & uncompromising teacher that he has always been since I’ve been learning at his feet by way of his comments and radio broadcast.

    1. Thank you Katie. Yes, I have received many requests for the CD. It is great to see people wanting to participate in our ‘ re founding’. I understand when you state you are light years ahead of your peers in this fight for the reinstatement of the BoR and our Common Law. Your sharing the truth may appear to fall on deaf ears but we may never know if those seeds you dropped germinated. I suspect many have at this point. The point is to keep dropping those seeds of Truth. We have the power to change the narrative. I saw how easy it was for the enemy to get people to comply with their ‘mandates’. They were operating in fear and ignorance. Imagine people coming out of that state to Truth. What a righteous force to be reckoned with!

  2. I would like to get a few cds to pass out to my co workers who are going crazy because they just don’t understand how an election can be stolen. They don’t know who they are.

  3. Yes, I got a copy from you, I make copies and give out and just leave around as well , thank you for the efforts all.

    DTTNWO eternal…

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