The presidential puppet race

“The presidential puppet race is one of the most perfect psychological operations used by the men pulling the strings. These elections get the captivated audience to think that we actually have the ability to shape the direction of the country and that whoever wins, we made our own bed, so we will have to sleep in it for the next four years. ‘You chose this for yourselves, goyim,’ is the message they send out through their puppet presenters on the TV. The presidential puppet is there to entertain, to enrage, to distract, and to do whatever is needed to ensure that the audience does not topple the puppet booth and wring the neck of the puppeteer. The only way we will ever truly see change for the better is when we realize that neither puppet actually represents us. The puppet master has his right hand up the ass of one and his left hand up the ass of the other.”
— Kyle Hunt

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