The Primary and Caucus Insurgent Vote

We have all noticed that the issue of illegal immigration has been removed from the mainstream.  There can be no doubt that foreign nationals have already voted in our primaries and caucuses and that these insurgents are voting 100% for the status quo.  And why shouldn’t they?  They know they will not be prosecuted for participating in election fraud any more than they are prosecuted for stealing the social security numbers of our children and collecting welfare in amounts that equate to a middle class lifestyle.

In other words, the status quo has been very good to the insurgency, and of course for every dollar given to one of these foreign nationals, a dollar is taken away from an American citizen.  This reality was omnipresent during the Christmas season as those who could afford to buy presents for their loved ones spoke no English.

People who have worked all their lives, paying into this fraudulent system every inch of the way, are denied access to the so called safety net, while foreign nationals are literally ushered in from off the streets and given three times everything.  Of course these invaders are going to be as loyal as a heal hound to the traitors in our government who are giving them the equivalent of a lifelong vacation as a reward for committing a felony in coming here.

These insurgents and their hyphenated American fifth column who have wormed their way into our government are now joining with the neo-cons and soviet socialists to perpetuate another four years of invasion into the United States.

If you observe the reporting of the speeches for the GOP primaries and caucuses, you can not only see, but you can indeed hear the fraud.  When Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich are speaking to an assembly you will see the cameras pan out to the edge of the group to try to make the gathering look large.  However when you see Ron Paul speaking, the cameras are panned in to either show just a couple of rows or Paul standing alone.

This is when the next sense comes into play, and that is hearing.  When the crowds cheer, the fact that Ron Paul’s crowds are huge in comparison to Romney’s or Gingrich’s is clear.

Couple this reality with what you are seeing reported as the election returns.  It is like a voice vote that goes like this:  All those in favor say “aye” and you hear a scant affirmation, and then all those opposed say “no”, which is followed by a roar.  The gavel falls and it is announced the “ayes” have it.  This is how blatant the fraud has become and the perpetrators are showing no signs of letting up.

How can there be so many Ron Paul supporters, yet so few votes cast for him?  I think everyone can see what is going on, the only question is, what do we do now?  There must be a way to stop the lies coming out of the mainstream media, which are proven to be lies through the activities on the people’s internet.

One thing is for certain, if we do not stop the theft and the international insurgency, we will be doomed to a life of slavery in a third world cesspool.

When the protest marches start back up in the springtime I think we had all better build a shield, buy a gas mask, and jump into the fray as Occupy may represent our last chance at a semi-peaceful resolution.  If the protests fail, I fear a full blown revolutionary war may be the only way.

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