The Propaganda Machine Launches New Attack on Ron Paul

The mainstream propaganda machine has taken on a new tactic in their effort to stop Ron Paul’s legitimate run for GOP candidate for president.  Terry Branstad, Iowa’s Governor, is apparently calling on the Republicans to dismiss Ron Paul if he wins in that state.  Just who in the hell does this fellow think he is?  Not only should the people of Iowa reject this suggestion but when Branstad comes up for reelection they should let him know in no uncertain terms, that they do not appreciate him or anyone else trying to nullify their will using the power of the Governor’s Office, which belongs to the people.

The Republican Party,, is indicating that they are somehow angry because Independents and Democrats are registering as Republicans in order to insure Dr. Paul’s nomination.  They are saying that Dr. Paul and his people are trying to take over their party.  I for one did not realize that any party belonged to any particular group of individuals.  And if we the people choose to use the system to enforce our will, it is perfectly legitimate for us to take over the Republican Party as it has become a stop gap between we the people and our self-determination.

Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto put forth a dirty piece of propaganda yesterday entitled, “Calls to Dismiss Ron Paul Sparking Talk of 3rd Party Run”.  I know the neo-cons and soviet socialists wish it to be so, but unfortunately for them, we have taken over their Republican Party and have no need for Dr. Paul to run as a 3rd Party candidate.

It would seem that our enemies’ desperation has grown to the point that they are now saying, “Please let Dr. Paul run as a 3rd Party candidate” in the hopes that they can persuade their bases, Demorat and Republiscum, neo-con national socialist and soviet socialists alike, to come together in an effort to reelect Barack the Rat and preserve the status quo and their socialist insurgency.

It will never work.  Ron Paul is not only entrenched in Iowa but in every other state in the union.  The propagandists are trying to convince us that Iowa is a fluke.  No sale.  The fact is Dr. Paul is poised to win the caucuses just like he won the straw polls.  After a few more primaries it is going to become painfully obvious to the elitist scum that we the American people of the American race are bound and determined.

We must stay ready as it is hard to tell what actions our enemies’ desperation will drive them to.  If there is a false flag we must reject it out of hand and whoever is handling Dr. Paul’s security had better be put under a microscope.

Not if but when, Dr. Paul wins the nomination I think it would be extremely wise to immediately name Jesse Ventura as his running mate.  And again, not if but when, Ron Paul is elected president he and Ventura should be immediately separated to make an assassination attempt on both of them at the same time an impossibility.

We the people must let it be known that if the international corporate mafia makes any attempt to harm Dr. Paul the result will be the revolution going hot.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.  John F. Kennedy

It has come to the point that the only way our enemies can hamper our absolute success is through violence.  And if they try it we must destroy them utterly through overwhelming force of arms.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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