3 thoughts on “The Public’s Role inCOVID-19 Vaccination: Planning Recommendations Informed by Design Thinking and the Social, Behavioral, and Communication Sciences

  1. Just downloaded into my books, will try to read their Psyche hookum when I have time.

    But on Page three, they have put their names and titles to the work.

    We would like to thank them for identifying themselves for future hanging trials.

    Enjoy your little mind games while you can Johns Hopkins et fkn al..!

  2. Does it get more presumptuous than this? They’re gonna define MY role in THEIR circus? And I’m supposed to invest my time in 47 pages of their Recommendations-On-Their-Way-To-Becoming-Dictates?
    Well, I did allow myself a few seconds to glance at the very last sentence, just to spy a little:

    “Authorities also need innovative countermeasures, including identifying and working with trusted spokespersons, to counteract the inadvertent or deliberate misinformation common in social media.”

    Funny that they would end with this, but understandable, BECAUSE THEY KNOW WE’RE IN THE WAY!! THEY KNOW WE’RE IN THE FKN WAY!!!!


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