3 thoughts on “The purge is starting.

  1. Well, they need to start finding these people in alleyways and dumpsters. Enough of this treason and assault on our people and lands. The New Stasi are chomping at the bit……i think they will bite off more than they can chew though.

    We have known all of this and more and have been discussing and preparing accordingly for when the NWO will “Make it’s move”, of course it has been in motion for a long time, only now they are turning up the heat.

    I’m betting some big events will be engineered to take things to the next level of totalitarian commie/fascism (they are the same don’t you know).

  2. I never get to see these twitter posts, they aren’t clickable. Is it because I don’t have an account with that stupid bird?
    I can’t Facebook either. Had an account for about 2 weeks and tried to close it. Cue HAL9000, “Sorry Dave, I can’t do that.”
    If I look at anything “facey”, I get bombarded with invites back into the fold/cult… Family, yea, that’s it, that’s the ticket!

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