The Puzzle of Tyranny

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We all play them. Every culture has their own favorite types or games. Some people play video games, some people play sports like football, basketball, soccer or even wrestle. Others like games of mental prowess, like cards, or chess. I like puzzles. A puzzle is a mystery unlocked in front of your eyes. Dedication, perseverance and attention to detail combined with a whole lot of tenacity inevitably gets the job done.  

During the process of putting those puzzles together, most people start with the edges. With that framework being laid, you begin to see the framework of your mystery and how it may turn out when completed piece by painstaking piece.

With that being said, let’s look at a framework of pieces that most people see, but they either haven’t put them together, or they refuse to see it because they are institutionalized and fearful of change that could give them freedom they never knew they had.

1. IRS Scandal – Pleading the 5th during testimony – Abuse of Govt Credit Cards, PornLavish Conferences in Las Vegas,Star Trek SpoofCelebrity Chefs: Criminal AbuseIRS conflict of interest by being able to investigate themselves (No Accountability?)
2. IRS Enforcing Obamacare – IRS training with AR-15’s
3. IRS Targeting Conservative Groups – Demanded Contents of PrayersFacebook PostsTwitter Accounts, Book Lists –Openly Admits they Targeted Conservative Groups
4. Gun Control in Obamacare
3. NSA Scandal – Spying on Phone CallsEmailsText MessagesBanking through “Inadvertent Data”, Etc…
4. NSA Snooping on your Credit Cards.
5. U.S. Govt Attempting to Undermine/Take Power from the Catholic, Christian, Jesuit Churches – Civil unions legal for gays instead of church marriage due to DOMA being overturned, Forcing Churches to pay for Abortions
6. U.S. Govt Empowering Muslim Powers – Muslim BrotherhoodSending Troops to Egypt
7. NSA Possibly gathering info on Gun Owners

I am not an economist. I am not a historian. I am not even a professional politician. I am a person who questions authority. I am a person who demands accountability, and fairness. I have to admit, I see nothing fair, or anyone held accountable in anything I have mentioned above. In fact, there is no accountability that has been utilized in any meaningful fashion in any way whatsoever.

Your government is out of control. Your representatives (and I use that term loosely since they obviously don’t work for your benefit) apparently refuse to utilize the powers they have to resist this government intrusion and tyranny into YOUR life.

Your work, your phone calls, your text messages, your emails, your bank records, your health records, the items you own, the social networks you use, the prayers you say to your God, and the Guns you own are all on the line, yet…. for some reason… you swim in a sea of apathetic, uncaring, zombified wall of ignorance and uncaring citizens sheep.

On top of all of the above, I recently saw a story that claimed that American Bloggers are now being banned from entering the police state of the UK. Alone that isn’t necessarily scary, because I have no plans on going to the UK anytime soon, but if you do, and you combine this with the story a few weeks ago stating that our own Senators (Mr. Lindsey Graham – R. SC) not knowing if bloggers deserve first amendment protection. And specifically asking if they deserve the protections therein. These stories provide a glimpse of a puzzle I don’t think anyone wants to finish.

Combine everything you have read here, and put this icing on the cake… the U.S. is spending $3.3 million dollars currently to import U.S. Flags…. FROM CHINA! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a stone cold opportunist, but there are certain times when principal should take precedence. And to me, when draping a flag over U.S. Troops, Veterans, or outside Government Facilities, the least we deserve is to know is that that flag was made in our own country. If we as a country can’t accomplish at least this simple task out of respect, then what is the point of defending that flag?

I understand taking all of this in at one time can be gut wrenching, and mind boggling, but here is another question for you… “What the hell is Obama doing in Africa during all of this?”

We have an Egyptian Coup19 Firefighters die in AZa Plane Crash in San FranciscoA Recent Tornado Destroy Moore Oklahomaa Canadian Town Blown up in an Explosive Train Wreck in our back yard (Canada)Massive Homelessness,Increasing numbers of people on Welfare & Food StampsDecreasing numbers of Americans working full time (only 47%)

All of the above is happening, and more, but for some reason, Obama is spending $100+ Million of YOUR hard earned tax dollars, hundreds of Secret Service Agents, Military Transports, Contractors to replace bulletproof glass in hotels Obama will be staying in, a U.S. Navy Carrier Group, U.S. Fighter Jets Patrolling the airspace 24/7, and 56 other “Support Vehicles” including Bio terrorism, X-Ray & Communications supportall to “Develop Partnerships with Growing Democracy’s”

Funny, he claims to want to support African Democracy, while socializing America, and using YOUR tax dollars to do it…. and spends $100+ Million doing it, all while the sequester has taken the food off of Millions of Americans tablesmilitary pools are being closed & fireworks displays are being shut down on Independence Day. Doesn’t sound like he has your best interests at heart does it?

Let me let you in on a little secret, when you don’t think you are getting an honest answer, follow the money. The money in this case is easy to find, and easy to discover the REAL reason Obama is there, as well as the Chinese…

1. Africa is home to 80% of the worlds strategic resources (Necessary to maintain the developed worlds lifestyle)
2. 97% of the worlds Platinum is found in Africa (Especially in South Africa and Zimbabwe)
3. 90% of the worlds Cobalt is found in the Republic of Congo and Zambia
4. 64% of the worlds manganese is found in Burkina Faso & Cote d’Iviore
5. 1/3rd of the worlds Uranium reserves are found in Guinea & Niger (We can’t run our nuclear facilities without that can we?)
6. Coltan, while being mined worldwide, has recently had ever increasing reserves found in Africa as well.
7. Unknown amounts of Oil reserves under African Soil. Proven oil reserves in Lybias case (the lifeblood of the developed world.)
8. 50% of the worlds gold reserves are found in Ghana and Mali (and since the Kennecott Utah Mine Landslide, their production has reduced %50 or more, depriving Americas bullion markets, industrial fabricators and other production facilities of much needed resources to continue business as usual.)
9. Cheap Labor. (None of these jobs will affect main street American job deprivation, in fact all of these jobs will be in Africa, NOT the U.S.)

America, your taxes are being usurped by a president with multiple aliases, your jobs are being slowly eroded, your rights are being eviscerated, a police state grid is being put in place with cameras on every corner, and your jobs are being outsourced and even replaced by foreign labor. Sounds progressive doesn’t it?

I suggest you do your own research and realize what is slowly taking place, make your own decisions, and start finding ways to become independent as fast as possible from government assistance/benefits as fast as possible if you are currently on them. By doing so, you remove their ability to persuade you or effect your decision making process with the threat of financial doom. Remove yourself from this socialist nightmare, give it no power over you. Civil disobedience is morally OK, if used by good people, with a justified cause, required by necessity. Give your government, nor the people “in charge” no more power. They lost their “Mandate” when they neglected your needs, and put the welfare of the other countries, corporations and banks over your own.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery” – Winston Churchill

In closing, I want to throw in some perspective on this. Through all of the problems I speak of here, these are just 1 months worth of issues. And to be quite honest, these are just the highlights. The news comes out so fast and furious nowadays that is almost impossible to keep up to date with everything. But thanks to the Internet, and thanks to social groups gathering and focusing on the things they find important, small details about large problems come out very quickly.

It took Obama, and the leftist power grab of the century to wake people up the fact that if they don’t stop being complacent, than there is no hope for conservative ideals in America. People I have known for years, people that would be considered “Quiet”, “Non-Political” and “Easy-Going” are outraged. They are absolutely fired up and they are voicing their opinions in ways I have never seen.

These things tell me that they are waking up, but now the question is… is it too late? Only time will tell.

Audio coming soon…


“Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism” – Thomas Jefferson

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2 thoughts on “The Puzzle of Tyranny

  1. We all haven`t given up we are kind of wore out!, and that means that we are coming to get this bogus govt. and any one that gets in our way. We are tired of your bull shit screw you govt. and you cops that support them along with all of your govt. patsies. Screw you all. We are coming to get ya you low lifed slugs.

  2. So we know why Obama is trying to take control of Africa. It’s all about the limitless natural resources and minerals. In the meantime, with the help of Bill Gates and company, he is slowly depopulating the country with experimental vaccinations that are intended to not work and look like an accident. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always AIDS.

    These elitist bastards must be stop and be given a taste of their own medicine!

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