7 thoughts on “The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldier

  1. Thanks Wade, this was powerful. I had never heard it before. Reminds me of a more modern-day version of Buffy Saint Marie’s “Universal Soldier,” a coming-of-age song where growing older is denied because of war, and the young lives it takes and destroys. To me, both songs are anti-war anthems. And as another song asks, “When will we ever learn?”


      1. Well thank you, Wade. I will make the time to watch this all, though I have to get passed some of my issues with The Edge because of his life-long connection with Bono. But I will try to separate the musician from his U2 band-mate.

        Jimmy Page is, of course, an all-time great. And Jack White (new for me since I am in and out of the loop and somehow missed him) is a revelation. I’m 30 minutes in and am quite taken with him. Seems a rebel and an eccentric, though I know nothing about him. But again, I will have to take just the musician.

        Every time I like an artist I seem to have to know where he is politically. Crazy. Well, I’m sure I’m watching mastery. Awesome. Ah, galen is getting too cerebral. Music should just exist for its own sake. Back to the guitar wizards.



  2. One of my son’s fave bands of the early 2000s, and definitely underrated. I remember hearing this song as we drove him to A&M Galveston on his CD…the “hand over eye illuminati symbol” in the video though was a bit disturbing, however.

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