The Red Flag HORROR STORY Americans NEED to Hear!!

Published on Aug 12, 2019

Lest you be inclined to think this is just a fabricated “story,” The last 30 seconds puts the EXCLAMATION mark on the DANGEROUS REALITY of Red Flag Laws!!

Subscriber Chris VanOsdol brought this story to my attention… I don’t know who authored the original…but I’ve modified parts of it. Thanks to subscriber Brandon Smothers for the sobering reality about the glorification of order followers (cops) I used his ideas in the modified script. Without oath-breaking cops….politician’s laws would have no teeth. They don’t call them law enFORCEment for nothing.

2 thoughts on “The Red Flag HORROR STORY Americans NEED to Hear!!

    1. Which is why I thank God I do not have close-by neighbors! Which is also why we never give out information to anyone except when necessary. Which is why I trust very very few people–I trust in God.

      Most folks out here are pro-Second Article/Amendment, but we do have a few libtards and there are nosey neighbors in this POA, just not very many of them and none where we are.

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