The Red List for Assassinations and Purges Has Been Activated

Shenandoah – by John Galt

Several years ago a good friend of mine enlightened me about the true meaning of the “red” and “blue” lists regarding enemies of the state and disposal of those individuals or groups using whatever means the President, group of globalist leaders, or selected intelligence services deemed necessary. When Steve Quayle first told me about this, I paused, expressed my concerns about the validity, and then as I do with every friend or source verified what he said with a former friend of mine in the government.  

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and an “unofficial” enemies list which is structured as a red list (immediate threat) and blue list(future threat).

Unfortunately, this is the first administration in history to be so blatant, even more so than Clinton, to exercise the liquidation of his enemies at the behest of the new world order, banking cartels, or Kingdoms of the Middle East. The extinguishing of these individuals or groups using either the methodology of purging them from American society via internal or external exile or terminating them without prejudice. What is terrifying is the timing since the 2012 elections and just who has been zapped as the red list terminations and purges appear to have begun in earnest in 2011 and accelerated throughout 2012.

PETRAEUS_tnGeneral David Petraeus is obviously still alive yet purged from the mainstream of American society. Whereas the good general was quite happy managing the NWO’s wars abroad, when President Obama decided to adopt the pre-election policy of keeping his enemies closer and monitoring every move by every man woman and child near Washington, D.C. or the military, well, his days were numbered.

As General Petraeus became the head of the CIA, issues became apparent as despite his outward appearances as a straight laced middle of the road and direct warrior who obeyed orders and was the typical “all-American boy” in the eyes of the public, his willingness to support and participate in the illegal activities of our intelligence services and military displayed a blatant willingness to get dirty in the name of the administration’s goals. That same loyalty would come back to bite him however when he opposed the administration theme of blaming the CIA for missing the Benghazi debacle and thus dirt was dug up on him to force him into a dishonorable retirement which provided a salary large enough to be considered hush money to keep him silent.

Current status: Internal exile working for a bankster hedge fund, paid six figures plus to stay silent and keep his family safe.


MICHAEL_HASTINGS_CAR_tnMichael Hastings was the reporter that blew the first whistles on Afghanistan with a damning story in Rolling Stone Magazine about General Stanley McChrystal titled “The Runaway General” published in June of 2010. This was followed up with an equally damning article titled “The Sins of General Patraeus” which was a direct assault on the then shamed General mentioned above.

Mr. Hastings, in an attempt to remain an actual journalist as opposed to the propagandists working for today’s mainstream media (yes, that includes you partially Saudi owned FNC), decided to pursue the NSA/CIA stories further. The results of which are a horrifying series of stories now altered by some witnesses apparently after being threatened by the government and of course the picture to the left. Whatever story Mr. Hastings was going to release, it is buried now along with his body.

Current status: Terminated with extreme prejudice.


ANDREW_BREITBART_tnAndrew Breitbart was one of the enterprising alternative media moguls, developing the website into a monster with investigative reporting ignored by both the mainstream media, so-called conservative talk show hosts (Pigford anyone?), and unfortunately not by the President nor his staff. As the Pigford story was exposed as Obama’s methodology for initiating slavery reparations without Congressional approval, the administration became aware of other undercover exposes about to blow up on the pages of his website and started to monitor not just his postings, but the activities (allegedly) of the staff when they were at home, on vacation, etc.

In late February of 2012, just 10 months before the election, Breitbart broke the news that he had a video that would be an expose of the “real” Barack Obama that would shake the election process to its knees and cause American society to look at him differently. On March 1, 2012, Mr. Breitbart mysteriously died while walking through his neighborhood and the video that was displayed was about as interesting as watching a Joe Biden sleep. The mystery of what the real expose was went to his grave with him as either the Brietbart staff was too terrified to reveal it or the material stolen by the government as Breitbart laid stoned cold on the coroner’s slab.

Current status: Terminated with extreme prejudice.

Michael Cormier – The 61 year old coroner for the Andrew Breitbart case died mysteriouslyallegedly of arsenic poisoning on April 20, 2012. This death sealed the deal for any and all cases, including Breitbart’s, to receive whatever political dictates were needed to close high profile cases in the Los Angeles Coroner’s office; including Michael Hastings.

FBI Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw – Both of these men were involved with the final shoot out and arrest of the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokar Tsarnev and mysteriously “fell” out of a helicopter during a training exercise just weeks after the suspect was arrested. No further investigation has ever been ordered or conducted regarding the death of these two men.

Current status: Terminated with extreme prejudice, cause of death undetermined.

SEAL_TEAM_6_tnSeal Team 6 Members – No pictures of the dead terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. No evidence presented to the public or world that the events as outlined by Hollywood or the government ever occurred. No proof that anyone ever saw his dead body other than the word of some officers loyal to the administration. Then suddenly after Vice President Biden betrays the team members by bragging about their exploits and other administration sources endanger the lives of their families, the Navy Seal community realizes that this isn’t the typical Presidential bluster and in fact that they do not honor nor respect the work they engage in to protect our nation.

Then suddenly, this story breaks on my website:

Seal Team 6 Copter Shoot Down: Is the CIA Erasing Evidence of the OBL Operation?

I maintain that this is an ongoing operation and anyone with factual evidence that could embarrass the intelligence community or the regime will be terminated without regard to national opinion.

Current status: Terminated with extreme prejudice.

Andy Hart – Guantanamo Bay Public Defender, found dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. What is suspicious are his ties during his defense of one of the terrorists he was defending,Mohammed Rahim al-Afghani, then suddenly transferred back to Saudi Arabia and declared a “low level threat” in 2009. What made this case interesting that was before some sort of interference from Washington, D.C., Mr. al-Afghani was considered a “high-value, high threat” terrorist. Funny how those Saudis suddenly get special treatment, a la Boston Massacre, isn’t it?

Current Status – No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest in Mohammed Rahim al-Afghani.

CHRIS_KYLE_tnChris Kyle, United States Navy Seal

For some strange reason, Mr. Kyle’s exploits appear to have irritated some within the Pentagon and Obama administration, especially his outspoken positions in support of current and former military members yet for some reason they do not seem to hold them in the same regard. His sharp criticism of the regime along with his work to  assist veterans rubbed some the wrong way but apparently one or several of his classified missions may leave an embarrassing piece of work left over for the Obama administration to explain away. Thus why the story at the link below and the strange circumstances behind his murder beg the question: Why was he killed?

Chris Kyle Widow: Former Navy SEAL ‘Died Because Somebody Wanted to Kill Him’

Current status: Terminated with extreme prejudice.

Robert McKeon – Owner of the private equity firm Veritas Capital- From the Bloomberg article about his death:

Robert McKeon, the founder of private-equity firm Veritas Capital and a former chairman of Wasserstein Perella Management Partners, died Sept. 10 at his home in Darien, Connecticut. The cause of death was suicide, according to the office of Connecticut’s chief medical examiner.

Darien police in an e-mail confirmed McKeon’s death and said the incident isn’t considered suspicious. He was 58.

Shortly after his death, General Dynamics, one of America’s leading corporations in the Military-Industrial Complex, acquired the prize possession of Veritas Capital.

Current Status – No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest to follow up on the story.

Keith Ratliff – One of two gun makers killed under suspicious circumstances. Mr. Ratliff engaged in videos promoting freedom and the 2nd Amendment which earned him a visit from the BATF.

Current Status – No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest to follow up on the story.

John Noveske – Reference the story above.

Eva Rausing – Bizarre story about a billionaire’s wife who attended Occidental College at the same time as President Obama and went to her grave with information that possibly could have embarrassed or reveal information damaging to the regime. Another suicide, nothing to see here as usual. No investigation, no follow up, no MSM concern.\

Commander John W. Price, Seal Team 4 – Died from an apparent suicide on December 22, 2012. Strange how many of our Seal Team members have died since someone’s re-election campaign began….No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest to follow up on the story.

Special Warfare Operator Chief Brett D. Shadle, Seal Team 6 – Died of “parachuting accident” in Arizona on Thursday, March 30, 2013.  Nothing to see here again apparently. –  No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest to follow up on the story.

CHRISTOPHER_STEVENSAmbassador Christopher Stevens – As I have long maintained, this was no accident nor screw up by our security forces. There is a reason this man died and I outlined what is now becoming fact on October 31, 2012 in the article:

The Assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens

I stand by this statement from the story above as the facts are now slowly being revealed:

The theory is quite simple. Weapons are shipped via one of the Ambassador’s former shipping partners of whom he had a prior relationship with during the Libyan rebellion would be used to transit arms paid for by Saudi overseas agents, probably front companies in Europe. The weapons are moved using CIA intermediaries to American bases in Turkey, inventoried and then transported via private carriage into Syria for use against Assad. For allowing the use of American facilities to support the Saudi royal families political goals, the Obama campaign would receive tens of millions of dollars in donations, often below the $200 per donation reporting limit in exchange for this support of the Syrian rebels. It is a total win for the administration as it strengthens the relationship of the Obama administration with Saudi Arabia and the royal family. It assists the rebellion in Syria to overthrow the dictatorship of Assad and helps to create the vision Obama and others have seen via the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and  their Wahhabi financiers in Riyadh. Lastly it guarantees a steady flow of cash which will never be tracked nor traced to its origins because of U.S. election law and the refusal of the Obama administration to supply the data as it is not required by U.S. law.

Current Status – No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest to follow up on the story.

John Wheeler, Pentagon and Presidential aide – Died from blunt force trauma in mysterious and yet unsolved murder in 2011 where his body was found beaten to death in a dumpster far away from his home.

Current Status – No investigation, dead, no MSM or Congressional interest to follow up on the story.

I could continue but the  list is long and some cases are possible stretches other than to tie the links to the regime via his current and former cronies. With the number of scandals expanding daily, it will be hard to ask the questions necessary unless a reporter is willing to resist his or hers life to blow the whistle on the corruption and criminal activities of this government; including misconduct by Republican politicians engaged in questionable activities. The key thing is to remember that as long as bloggers everywhere continue to investigate, publish, and advertise the fact that there is an apparent program underway to purge or exterminate opposition to the imposition of this new world order and economy, there is still time, albeit very little, to stop this final event from destroying our society.

Keep in mind, there are numerous former officials internally or externally exiled who are not accounted for nor their stories investigate by the mainstream nor alternative media. The threat to find the truth is often to great to pursue those stories any further other than marking the final paragraph as “Mr. XYZ is happy to retire to spend more time with his family,” or some other such nonsense.

I pray that my readers are not on the other or “blue” list which comes up for action once a declaration of martial law occurs.

(Many thanks to for keeping the running tally of the terminated in the deadpool feature)

12 thoughts on “The Red List for Assassinations and Purges Has Been Activated

  1. We should have a mention of some older ones too…

    Vince Foster, the “mutineers” of Minot Air Base, virtually all the scientists involved with developing Reagans SDI/Star Wars, the journalist who caught Baxter red handed shipping live contagion labelled as H1N1 vaccine, the woman who accused Bush of raping her, the DC Madam who told her sister a week before that if she suddenly suicided it was murder, Benazir Bhutto who revealed on David Frosts show that she was willing to back up her claims OBL was dead in 2002.

  2. “Kingdoms of the Middle East” eh?

    What’s the matter, Galt, are you too afraid to mention a certain Middle East country that is NOT a kingdom (though its Talmud claims it should be kingdom over the entire Earth!), a country that actually runs US foreign (and increasingly domestic) policy?

  3. I don’t trust this..(but I don’t trust much else, either).

    The article gives the impression that their “red list” only consists of a few famous dissidents, as if the rest of us little guys have nothing to worry about, but who’s to say how many people are locked in mental institutions right now, or have already been drugged into stupidity as a result of their political activity?

    You may have been politically active for years with no repercussions, but your name might be flagged on a computer screen if you’re arrested for littering, or jay-walking, and then all of a sudden a cop decides that you need a few days of “observation” after making up a reason to justify it.

    Off you go to the nut house, where all kinds of crap is shot into your arm, which allows them to diagnose you with schizophrenia and keep you there until their medications insure that you leave retarded.

    How many political dissidents have had drugs or weapons planted on them and been subsequently sent to prison for many years? They have no qualms about letting criminals run free, so maybe that’s what they’re filling the prisons with.

    I not trying to discourage any political activity, because all of our survival depends on it, but if you’re only sharing ideas, why does anyone need to know your name? Lay low, fly under the radar, and try to remain as anonymous as possible.

    We’re not protesting to get a traffic light installed on a busy intersection. We’re up against very powerful, and evil billionaires who kill presidents that piss ’em off, and we’re working to topple their regime. Act accordingly.

    1. “Lay low, fly under the radar, and try to remain as anonymous as possible.”

      Good advice, JR.

      However, anyone posting on this site is about as red-flagged as one could get, imo.

      Badge of honor. Again, imo.

    2. “They have no qualms about letting criminals run free, so maybe that’s what they’re filling the prisons with.”

      You’re on to it, JR. Over the decades that the War On Some Drugs caused the largest prison system in history to be built, I have been warning that at the time of their choosing selected prisoners would be freed en-mass and the beds re-filled with dissidents and political enemies. The phoney drug war was just a cover story to build the prisons. The talk in the last few weeks of how we must start releasing non-violent drug offenders because the prisons are “overcrowded” signals that the time has come for the conversion to a political Gulag.

    3. The article gives the impression that their “red list” only consists of a few famous dissidents, as if the rest of us little guys have nothing to worry about,

      There’s another way to view this one Roger ….
      If they go after the bigger targets, then they
      won’t ever hesitate to do the little guys.
      It doesn’t always need to ‘said’,
      for the message to be clear.
      All the more reason to be aware of one’s
      surroundings, and ready to resist any and
      all boarders.

  4. This is why you cannot ideal back and believe their is a American Dream their is NOT. They will come for all of you, and if you want to take out more of them then. You go to them first….

    1. When the shtf, I can guarantee that we the people will not just be sitting in the living room waiting for the knock on the door. They are not the only one’s with lists. Items of interest in every town have been duly noted years ago, and are updated daily. Can I get a witness!

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