The Return of the Epocalypse

The Great Recession

In August of 2015 I started writing about The Great Recession 2.0 that was coming upon us. I called it “The Epocalypse” to signify an economic apocalypse that would be epic in scale and that would begin a new epoch on earth — a time of great global financial decline.

I led into my series on the coming Epocalypse by writing, “Far more people listen to their aspirations than listen to my beliefs about a coming global economic collapse.”

I warned that dire times would descend when the Fed stopped juicing the economy with massive injections of new Fed money (quantitative easing/QE) and began to remove that money, as they promised they would.

Now we know the Fed cannot ever unwind. We saw its failure when it tried throughout 2018 and caused a stock market crash at the end of 2018. As soon as the Fed got up to full speed in rewinding its “money printing” of the past decade, the stock market started too fall right when I said it would, and it didn’t stop falling until the Fed stopped raising interest rates and promised it would not go as far was it said it would with sucking money back out of the economy. For the time, the market settled down.

Things did not go as badly as I said they would back in 2015 because, even back then the Fed did not go as far as I felt it had led the world to believe it would go; but now that the Fed finally did go that far, all of that is coming back around to where I think it is time to revisit what I said about the Epocalypse, bringing it up to date with current events.

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  1. He may be an economics expert, but his grammar in this post is…. He’s got the money; he needs a proofreader! Yikes!

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