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The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

Investment Watch – by Thinker

The documents the Department of Justice doesn’t want to leak, might reveal to much truth about the war games for land, oil, power, by the “rule of law” deep state. What was Iraq like before U.S. invasion for humanitarian reasons? Safe enough for any American to visit! What was Libya like before Obama bombed it without congressional or public approval? All the refugees stopped there, were welcomed. Now they are being sold as slaves and the whole country is in chaos. What does Donald Trump really know and what is being kept from him about what is really happening in the Middle East? Will he have to turn to alternative media to learn what is happening among the anti-Trump employees that still number in the hundreds? Has he brought back the purged commanders who didn’t pass the Obama litmus test? Only time and actions will reveal what is real… 

What happened when the U.S. went into Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons? The poppy fields were replenished and the opioid use in the United States of America tripled, with 10,000 deaths in 2016 in Dayton, Ohio by itself. Zika and Ebola can’t touch the deep state Republican and Democratic wars for self gain, babies, drugs, human trafficking, oil, etc…that have killed so many men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and divided families. The United States exports more weapons than any other nation – which means American companies profit from other countries’ wars.

Rothschild funded both sides of every war

Keep the men and women of the world employed, have another war and add some more?

Who’s playing the game the best?

The ones who are richer than the rest!!!

The Rothschild Dynasty makes money off of both sides of every war. This has been ripped from Endgame Documentary by Alex Jones of Infowars.comPrisonplanet.com, and Jones Report. Also World War I never should have happened but the Rothschild banking cartels wanted money and power plus an excuse to build a league of nations. The Rothschild family bankrolled the factions and their fortunes grew as each war gives them more wealth.www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRFR-hvo3XM

Investment Watch

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2 Responses to The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

  1. DL. says:

    All Donald Trump “really knows” is that he couldn’t care less about all the lives he and all the other puppets for Rothschild and Israel he and they have killed. I mean, what so-called “Christian” lets his own daughter marry a Chabad Lubavitcher? That is how much he cares–not a damned thing!

  2. Bud Fox says:

    Trump’s family lineage is German jew, this has been shown time and again…he’s not Swedish as he’s claimed. We can therefore assume that he’ll continue down the path of Rothschild/israel global dominance. Nothing has changed. We’re all still screwed. Trump is not a savior, he’s just the next player/actor in line to placate the masses, keeping us distracted from the true agenda: billions dead, jews in control.

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