The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks

Published on Nov 7, 2017

This video lecture documents the pattern of heavy metals poisoning, medical experimentation, organ harvesting, covert fertility task forces and other tactics that seek to eliminate blacks from our planet. These genocidal tactics are carried out in the name of science and medicine via the following vectors:

Food supply (laced with infertility chemicals, confirmed by the New York Times quoting a U.S. President’s science advisor)

Water supply (heavy metals poisoning, as we recently witnessed in Flint, Michigan) Medical experimentation (Tuskegee, Guatemalan prisoner experiments funded by the U.S. government, etc.)

Immunization campaign (covert sterilization of young women in Africa) Cancer (disproportionately affects people of darker skin color due to vitamin D deficiency)

Abortion activities that target blacks in order to harvest baby organ tissue for use in vaccines — medical cannibalism

3 thoughts on “The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks

  1. This iis where Candace Owens could to speak up. ( and others prominent AND INTELLIGENT too ) Not necessarily on abortion but all the other genocidal confrontations facing their identity….Whites are not far behind! Living in North America or Western Europe not as noticble…yet.

  2. There is no plot to eliminate blacks, not yet anyway! Right now it is white genocide via using blacks then they will cull the other. Jews are behind this one.

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