The secret army of 200 weapons-obsessed anti-vaxx ex-soldiers called ‘Veterans 4 Freedom’ plotting attacks on vaccine centres and chaos on Britain’s streets

Daily Mail

A sinister private army of more than 200 ex-servicemen and women is plotting to cause mayhem across Britain with a series of devastating anti-vaccine offensives, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Calling itself Veterans 4 Freedom (V4F) and founded by a former Royal Marine commando, the self-styled paramilitary group is made up of 16 operational ‘cells’ across Britain, linked to a secret leadership command.

Some members appear obsessed with weapons and have discussed violent insurrection, including attacking vaccine centres and targeting employees – what one chillingly termed ‘bringing the fight to the people sticking the needle in’.

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26 thoughts on “The secret army of 200 weapons-obsessed anti-vaxx ex-soldiers called ‘Veterans 4 Freedom’ plotting attacks on vaccine centres and chaos on Britain’s streets

  1. Wow, when I first started reading this I was elated; just one more sign of people who’ve had enough and are ready to fight. Then I read that they were communicating on “Telegram … encrypted messaging.” Could anyone still believe ANYTHING on-line is impenetrable?!! First mistake!!

    They then label themselves ‘the cavalry.’ That was almost an open invitation to be infiltrated. I think of how many times Henry has mentioned how it’s going to happen on an individual basis, with each deciding his or her moment. We don’t scream into a bullhorn announcing our plans.

    Yet, I found myself hoping this is real. I heard their passion, commitment, resolute intention. I wonder how they are faring with all the twist/spin demonizing they are getting in the press. And that freak-sneak traitor-infiltrator, I hope he gets a Karma bigger than the known universe. He went against evolution because he went against freedom.

    Anyway, the globe is a-stirrin’.


    1. There are a Lot of folks using Telegram… and yes, ALL Comms are monitored. But, it is like the trenches, in that some folks just don’t give a shit about who is listening and who is monitoring and what their option for actions are.

      Like us, we say Fk you… bring it…….Lets get this dance on man….. At a point very soon my precious Galen, they will shut down ALL the comms one way or another…

      Our times for action of all sorts is and has arrived…. All I can say is; to those whom would work for the obvious enemy, portending authority and righteousness, you will be shocked what you are confronted with…… you will not understand why and how so many bullets are flying in your direction, since you actually believe you are the good guys…….

      We can and do hope and trust others, in those unarmed places such as Europe, UK, Australia and NZ et al., have hidden away arms and ordnance and have maintained verbal comms along with internet comms and all sorts of cloak and dagger means to begin fighting their wars in their lands against their tyrants….

      DTTNWO eternal…may we all fight, fight and die well, and eradicate all the weak stasi wannabe scum from our midst……and every last Suit wearing mthrfkr……………………….

      1. Thanks, Norm. Well, strategy is perhaps like a game of chess. It’s always about getting the king. So many moves, counter moves.



  2. Looks like they are cranking up the propaganda machine on the folks over there.
    It’ll be here soon.
    Maybe mixing with the…
    Dun dun dun…
    “Taliban, that slipped in with the refugees and “they” lost track of.”
    On another note;
    Monarch butterflies gathering here (as every year), and heading south.
    Seems early.
    Perhaps winter will be early.

    1. Ahhh, I’m glad to see someone else who appreciates the flight of the Monarch…
      Nature just doing what it is supposed to… unlike us human scum.

    2. Haven’t seen many here this year but a few years ago what an unbelievable sight. There must have been hundreds of thousands of them migrating south. Why they chose to follow Hwy 13 is a mystery as thousands were run over and others were smacking into windshields….oh the carnage. I guess they were trying to get to Hwy 281 which would take them south 🙂 🙂
      Early winter? It is always winter here with a few warm days thrown in

      1. Okay,
        I mean early harsh winter for you, sister. 🙂
        There’s a lot of milk thistle on the farm here so I guess it’s a rest stop for them annually.
        I’ve not mentioned it before.
        Didn’t want to be pegged as a tree hugger 😉
        Nature has a way of telling us wtf is up.
        Just like birds notify that someone is moving around out there, btw, so do other things not of nature (hehe).
        Love ya, sis.

        1. I believe that the harvest of the rivers, lakes, and forests has been the most natural part of my life. I do not believe in waste or letting what belongs us to be handed over to foreign nationals. And when it is 95 degrees and I’m standing in the shade, I do feel a small compulsion to go hug that tree just for being there. The enemy has butchered my world and with this smoke this place is hell and it is beautiful when the butterflies come through, and I ain’t like that either. 🙂 LMAO

  3. Excellent, every soldier and police should do the same, and not support the criminal so-calleld government puppets of the Rothchilds, Rockefeller and other criminals doctors who support genocide. This action is justified I suggest to the Soldiers to arrest all government offiicals and hang them for crimes against humanity treason and sedition.

    1. police and soldiers were CREATED by and are OWNED by those zio-joo mf’s and follow their orders daily. They need to hang right next to them. Praise be to their loyal thugs? WTFU

    1. I will say, that I WANT to believe it, especially the greater part of it that speaks to fighting back. True, we are hard-pressed to know what’s real and what’s fake, but considering all the tyranny that’s been dished out, I did not find it difficult to think of a lot of pissed off guys who have had it and are starting to do something about it. As for military members waking up, that’s painfully slow, but I do see some signs of it. Did I tell you that once I heard a shrimp whistle? Ha! Couldn’t resist. Will only say I hope this is a sign of the peoples’ unrest and their understanding of the inevitable uprising. I know our main concern is with our own country, but it’s still interesting to observe how others make it to the table. I’ll watch for any follow-up on this.


  4. One other thing that’s strange about all this is that there were no arrests, even after what “the authorities” would deem hate-speech or blatant threats.


    1. That’s because “they” are likely behind it.
      When it kicks off, I believe that it has to start naturally and grow from there.
      Folks are so hypnotized by movies, and the stupid box thinking sh!t happens as seen there…
      It don’t !
      Hell, I still have episodes of Gilligan’s Island in the way 🙂

  5. Use two crack me up, its good to laugh. Most of us in the trenches know what is coming and we’ve made our decisions already and have prepared ourselves for brutal war if necessary….. It will be necessary. I have lived… my grandchildren have not.

    1. LOOK see what is coming, frozen meat in a refrigerated truck. no mention in the news joo has a snazy little sound JOO F*ck Like show your little pussie faces… you know your toast.

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