The selling out of Ukraine: what the CIA does not want Ukrainians to know

The selling out of Ukraine: what the CIA does not want Ukrainians to knowThe Voice of Russia – by John Robles

Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov has stated that the so-called authorities in Kiev will, in the end, have to answer primarily to the Ukrainian people for their actions with regard to the ordering of military operations against civilians in the south eastern part of Ukraine. However the members of the junta government in Kiev who are responsible for ordering what they have tried to label as an “anti-terrorist” operation, one which has seen the participation of fighter aircraft, armed troops and the death of protestors continue to operate with impunity.

Junta Will be Responsible to the Ukrainian People

“With regard to the responsibility which inevitably incur those people who have made a decision on such operations taking advantage of combat aircraft, armed forces, then this responsibility, certainly they will be held before the Ukrainian people in the first place, is probably the most important thing,” Peskov said to television channel Russia 24.

Early on Friday the Ukrainian military began to storm the city Slavyansk in the Donetsk region using aircraft and armored vehicles with reports of dead and injured.

Moscow has called Kiev’s actions punitive and said they destroy the last hope for the viability of the Geneva agreements to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine.

CIA’s Double Agent Gets Control of Operations Against Civilians

Control for the “special operations” in Slavyansk against demonstrators and those opposed to the nazi junta in Kiev was transferred from the Minister of Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov to the head of Ukraine’s Security Service Valentin Nalyvaychenko, according to RIA Novosti citing sources in the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The junta installed nazi coup leader Turchinov, who has usurped the office of president stated that the change was made because of a “disastrous first stage”. Turchinov’s orders to launch military operations against civilians in opposition to a coup is a criminal act on an unprecedented level taking place right in front of the eyes of the world, yet the outcry by the West and “human rights” organizations is nowhere to be seen.

As I have said many times in the past this impunity and collusion by the press is because the US is behind the coup in Ukraine and even if the nazis in Kiev make good on their promises to hang Jews and Russians and anyone else who is against their reign, and even begin a campaign of genocide the western media will remain silent and the US will continue to call them legitimate and lawful.


According to the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko he has given order to liquidate all of the demonstrators and those opposed to the regime if anyone opens fire during what he caontinues to call “antiterrorist operations”.

Valentin Nalyvaychenko made his plans clear when he told the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” that his forces: “will intensify efforts to localize the situation and explain to the locals that it was dangerous to be at the meetings, where the terrorists are hiding behind women and children.” Obviously he wants to clear the crowds of civilians from all walks of life of demonstrators of women and children in order tell his troops to go in and kill all of the protestors who are men. His calling anyone who is against the nazi junta a terrorist is completely ridiculous and fools no one but is designed for his western audience who are not informed of the real situation on the ground. The so called “terrorists” are merely common Ukrainians who refuse to pronounce nazis who took over the government by force as legitimate.

Nalyvaychenko made several other statements that are not worth repeating as they are nothing but lies that deny the reality of the situation in Ukraine and attempt to portray the nazi junta as a legitimate government.

CIA Stooge, neo-nazi Trainer and Ukrainian Traitor

The fact that Nalyvaychenko was made the head of the SBU cannot be ignored as he was being tried for treason for passing information to the CIA during a previous stint at the top of the SBU. It is reported that the CIA had such a cosy relationship with the Ukrainian security service at the time that the CIA was even given an office in the SBU headquarters where they could access any files that they wanted.

Recently another former head of the SBU Alexander Yekimenko in an interview with the Russia 24 television channel said that Nalyvaychenko was recruited by the CIA and US intelligence agencies when he was consul general of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States. He aslo said that the special services significantly helped his colleague Mr. Kondratuk who was also at the consulate in that period.

Yekimenko said records indicate that Nalyvaychenko maintained contacts with U.S. intelligence and after his retirement from the diplomatic service and during the period when he first led the Ukrainian Security Service in 2006-2010 .

Nalyvaychenko ties to power structures in Ukraine and the CIA explains the great influence that US intelligence agencies currently have on developments in the country.

Another known agent according to Yekimenko is Alexander Danyluk a leader of one of the far right groups who is closely linked to British intelligence. Through him British intelligence controls the country’s Central Elections Commission.

We know Yatsenyuk is also a CIA stooge, Klitschko has ties with German intelligence and the CIA and Nalyvaychenko were instrumental in bringing the nazi Right Sector to power. Maybe it is about time the people of Ukraine who are still in the dark became more aware as to exactly who is running their country right now, traitors, Nazis, turncoats and mobsters. But then again, Washington would not have it any other way.

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7 thoughts on “The selling out of Ukraine: what the CIA does not want Ukrainians to know

  1. The next question, how many Americans when put under the boot of tyranny will fire on the military? Has support the troops become so ingrained in their heads that will passively surrender to the very persons enforcing the tyranny?
    When people are rounded up it will a few in one neighborhood then a few in another, so they can be called terrorists and the others nearby will look on with blank stares and go back to grazing.
    It makes no difference how many guns people have if they do not have the will to use them. If Americans were going to stand up and stop the utter destruction of their country they would have done it by now.
    I am sorry but for the last 15 years I have been embarrassed to be an American. I see very clearly what is coming and it is not good, and there are too few who will do anything, and too many who will sit back and let someone else fight for them. These people whose backside is too precious to risk in a fight for freedom are not worth saving.
    Look at all the crap that has already been done, and continues every day, and ask yourself is this America? What happened to the Americans?
    Why are the banks sucking us dry? Why are borders unguarded? Why are illegals given more rights than citizens? Why are we sprayed like bugs with weather modification chemicals? Why are our schools allowed to make our kids take mind altering drugs? Why are kids sent home and sometimes arrested for acting like kids? Why are the police allowed to kill innocent people and never face any penalty? And on and on and on….
    Because there are so many Americans willing to stand and defend their rights? Because we are such a brave people?

    1. The first shot that will be heard around the world is coming, when that happens you will be proven to be wrong, We will fight, We will prevail…

    2. I hadnt even thought about the psy-op of “support the troops” vs. ‘fire at oppressive government soldiers’ until what you just posted.
      I just assumed until now most nobody would. But there is an actual “softening” AD campaign for not shooting at ‘our boys'(unicorn dust falls from the sky). lol.
      I just was thinking of it as a ‘war aint so bad’ and ‘im an c*nt’ slogan before.
      Thank you.

      As for the rest of your post…

      In many ways I feel the same thing. Then I wake up in the morning and look my self in the face and realize im a big damn bitch for not taking the whole damn thing on by my damned self.
      And,,,I still may.

      And i still,may.

  2. Watching cops watch PPL ripping up the streets. I dunno where my head is anymore except top cut off the supply of force. e.g 17bil that IMO is when the streets were hit with that smoke and sm bombs

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